@cany_1844 countdown to Advocacy Day on March 13 in Albany! RSVP at link in profile. Free buses from downtown Manhattan. #HALTSolitary #solitaryistorture #prisonreform
4 days ago
@cany_1844 Countdown to #HALTSolitary Advocacy Day in Albany on March 13. See link in profile to RSVP! Quote from "Solitary at Southport" report from Correctional Association of NY. #solitaryistorture #prisonreform
5 days ago
This Valentine’s Day, we’re continuing our countdown to March 13th! Get on the bus on 3/13 to Albany to #HALTsolitary Visit New York Campaign for Alternatives to Isolated Confinement for sign up info. This is a STATEWIDE effort; check for buses and/or groups leaving from your area.
6 days ago
#HALTsolitary Advocacy Day in Albany March 13. Get on the bus @n_y_c_a_i_c
7 days ago
Tyrrell Muhammad is telling you why you need to get on the bus on March 13 to Albany to #HALTsolitary @n_y_c_a_i_c
8 days ago
Just finished a powerful conversation about the torture of solitary confinement in NY and NJ today. Shout out to WBAI and the staff of #OnTheCount for keeping this issue alive. Pictured here, NJ Community Organizer Justice Roundtree (@justicerountree ), Leader and organizer Tyrell Muhammad (@muhammadtyrrell ), me, On The Count Host Steven Mangual, and @n_y_c_a_i_c organizer Scott Paltrowitz. #HaltSolitary #feloniesareforever The work continues...
10 days ago
From our report, #SolitaryatSouthport. These conditions can in no way be considered humane. Solitary confinement is torture! 🛑 This is why we need to pass the Humane Alternatives to Long Term (HALT) Solitary Confinement Act (Bill # A. 3080). What can you do to help? Call your legislator and urge them to join as HALT co-sponsor. #HALTsolitary
11 days ago
Call Speaker Heastie TODAY and TOMORROW to let him know that New Yorkers support #HALTSolitary and Parole Justice! #solitaryistorture #prisonreform
12 days ago
Quote pulled from #SolitaryatSouthport ▪️ As a state and as a nation, we need to reallocate our resources to alternatives to incarceration that take into serious consideration the systemic issues that pipeline people to prison in the first place. ▪️#cany #endmassincarceration #HALTsolitary
13 days ago
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