Travel update: the Poconos aren't treating us very well, lol. Along the list of issues we've had one extremely dirty restaurant, one winery that doesn't sell wine, a family of mean barn cats deny our love, a broken movie machine, some man with only about 5 teeth sexually hazing my girlfriend right in front of me (no, he didn't lose his life today), and worst of all- Our transmission blew, thus leaving us stranded here in PA and a pricey rental car fee. But hey, at least @danahearley has 200mi of free towing from AAA, so the vehicle will make it back home before we do. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤣
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Just because you're lost doesn't mean you can't explore.
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Made it back to KY after a long and rainy drive back. Upon arrival I was promptly greeted by 90 degree heat and 100% humidity 😐 this weather has me missing wearing flannels, sitting by a fire and sipping a hot drink with my pups. It's a funny feeling when you get back to your house but it no longer feels completely like home. Time to catch up on work and start preparing for the next adventure later this year!
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'You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.' #explorealberta #mybackyard #namaste #thesweatlife #absfordays #outdoorfitness #fitforlife #myview
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aFERNative...I love ferns. . . . Went on a long hike yesterday along the ocean coast and fell more in love with ferns. There are so many types and I plan on incorporating it into a tattoo design. :)
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Like father like son
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(Sintra - Portogallo) Non mi sono mica fatta i "trentordicimila" scalini di 'sta cippa di pozzo per nulla, ergo beccatevi anche la foto dall'interno 🤣 Per la serie "forse non tutti sanno che" il palazzo fu costruito da un architetto italiano, tal Luigi Manini, che tanto sano di testa non doveva essere; In ogni caso i pozzi, che sono due e prendono il nome di "Torri invertite" o "Ruote iniziatiche" non sono mai stati pensati per la raccolta di acqua piovana, ma per la celebrazione di riti iniziatici segreti, probabilmente di matrice massonica. La simbologia dei pozzi è legata al passaggio dalla morte alla rinascita, la cosiddetta “illuminazione”.. Dalla mia stanza per oggi è tutto, BUONANOTTE! #exploremore #urbanromantix #citykillerz #thecreatorclass #turkobjektif_perfect #leagueoflenses #houseoftones #fatalframes #artofvisuals #createexploretakeover #primeshots #agameoftones #killeverygram #symmetrykillers #symmetricalmonsters #illgrammers #headedelsewhere #world_shotz #amazingplaces #visualsgang #visit_europe #yallerseurope #bestplacestogo #travelawesome #exploringportugal #exploringtheglobe #portugal_de_sonho #portugal_em_fotos #portugaldenorteasul
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Getting excited for my favourite season 🍂🍁
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A little too close for comfort 👀 #morebymel
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