How does Moses make his coffee? #HebrewsIt #RedeemTeam #RedeemOutdoors #RedeemsGiving
9 days ago
This week is our third open week for our BCC. Our students are loving taking apart the letter to the Hebrews with the brilliant Barbara Chazelle! #howdoesGodmakehistea #hebrewsit Cette semaine est notre troisième semaine ouverte avec l’IEIB. Nos étudiants se réjouissent de pouvoir étudier la lettre aux Hébreux avec la merveilleuse Barbara Chazelle !
11 days ago
Merry Christmas from Ukirk Furman! We had so much fun at our annual Christmas party! 🎄🎁 #howdoesjesusmakecoffee #hebrewsit
12 days ago
Just trying to be helpful 😊
25 days ago
Dinosaurs didn’t have beer and we all know how that ended. #hebrewsit #honeycreamale #mrbeer #homebrew
28 days ago
Join us fam @9pm for some solid hang & some ol' bible reading! Location: UP 144 #hebrewsit #holyflipper
1 month ago
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