9 minutes ago
Y’all remember this video? Teyana fucked him up! #TeyanaTaylor #Car #Fight #Hiphop
3 hours ago
Nuggets Melo or Hoodie Melo?😮🔥 - Follow @latestreplays for more!
4 hours ago
Happy Birthday to the pretty @courage_nc |
4 hours ago
Another W at the Q 💯
5 hours ago
In an interview with #GQ Iman Shumpert was asked ~ How do you navigate the complications or difficulties of having such a public relationship? ~ I.S.: Communication. We communicate on a day-to-day basis and just know what’s going on with each other so much that [between] the things that we’re supposed to do as far as our job goes and as far as just checking in, there’s no real room for the nonsense. ~ If you guys are always communicating honestly it’s hard not to be or get on the same page 🙌🏾🙌🏾
5 hours ago
Flight 23✈️ 📷: @cavs
6 hours ago
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