This is an amazing display of all banned seven words that Number 45 has forbidden the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the US Department of Health and Human Services to use... All in ONE tweet!! The banned words are; “vulnerable,” “entitlement,” “diversity,” “transgender,” “fetus,” “evidence-based,” and “science-based.” We are not allowed to use these words and Soon we will not be allowed to look at certain webpages on the internet... because of this stupid Net Neutrality! What the hell is going on here? And why isn’t anybody doing anything about this?? This is the most bizarre thing... along with everything else this guy is doing!! #impeachtrump He’s a #fuckingmoron #dictatorship 😡🖕🏼
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The pear or poire by Honoré Daumier is a caricature of Louis-Philippe I, who claimed himself as the “Citizen King” but really had no interest in the working classes. These lithographs show his aging over the course of his reign. ‘Poire’ was used to demonstrate his jowly face, and also means imbecile. Seems all too familiar #impeachtrump #revolution #daumier #honorédaumier #hunterianartgallery #hunterianmuseum
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This is what it looked like when I left Santa Barbara 2 days ago. I was sick for the next 24 hrs from the smoke I inhaled. I was lucky enough to be able to leave. I bring this up not just to point out the horror of the 3rd largest fire in U.S. history but to take notice of how climate change is affecting lives every day. Changing weather patterns are observable. #climatechange #dosomethingnow #impeachtrump #actup #resist
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I am so grateful this day and everyday for best friends, queer family, coparenting, and being down for the struggle together. Love. Love. Love. #RepostSave @cruzmoore ・・・ In life’s inevitable journey of finding one’s self I’m immensely grateful the universe has allowed me to stumble across you; @nataliebrewsternguyen happy born day. I have so much gratitude for our friendship, for your unique creative energy, for your unwavering love &support as a coparent(..&for your professional protesting skills and how you intuitively stayed by my side while I had a 2+hr long anxiety attack when we all protested “45 aka Voldemort” are so great at doing all the things real friendship entails..thank you for all dat shit Nat! Cheers to yet another year my friend.💫🌈🥑🥂🍾💚❤️🖤#Birthdaypost#queerplatonic coparenting#impeachtrump#popbottles!
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