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Pay close attention to the moments when you feel fear of scorn from society. If this comes when you speak out against injustice, then know that you are under attack from those who would benefit from a perpetual state of global injustice. . Know that your mind must be strong against the pressures to conform to the dormant societal apathy we face at present. . Know that to break a bond of such pressure is a liberation for yourself and for the animals you can then help. . Know that you can change this world, that your voice can reach millions around the world and help them cast down these chains and join in creating a world bursting with empathy, compassion and justice for all. . Know that you do make a difference. Every single day you do. Decide what kind of difference you want to see, then act, even when you are fearful, especially when you are fearful. . Just imagine what a group of people, who stay true to their morals against all the odds, just imagine, what they can do in this world. . We are only mortal but our actions reverberate through the ages. . So let not the society you were nothing but born into dictate the morality by which you live. . With this, everything changes. . Live Vegan and be an activist for as long as it takes. . 📸: @savingmevegan 💙
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To celebrate international water day #journéemondialedeleau here is a magnificent photo of the oldest 💦 ⛲️ in #Lausanne 😀 the current ⛲️ is from 1726 even though traces where found leading all the way to the 16th century!!! 😀 The statue is a typical Swiss statue from the canton of Bern! 😀 It's really cool that this statue representing #justice is blinded by the ☀️ 😉 When the famous American Supreme Court Justice #louisbrandeis said that light is the best disinfectant! 😀 @myvaud @mylausanne @igerslausanne #igerslausanne @MySwitzerland_e @sonyalphagang @thebestofswitzerland @schweiz_suisse_svizzera_svizra @theswitzerlandguide @amazingswitzerland #inLOVEwithSWITZERLAND #sonyalpha #localguides #googletrustedphotographer #instatravel #instafun #instacool #fun #photooftheday #picoftheday #hobby #photography #travelblogger #instatravel #instaswiss #swissphotography #ig_switzerland #switzerland #swiss #sony #passion #switzerlandpictures #instaswiss
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