Weissach pack 918 with no acid green whatsoever 😍😍😍 @jvalkyrie
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This can be you when your serious. Follow @mor.bookings and stop missing out. Ever thought about performing in Paris ? Well it’s real now and I got proof 😊 ***SWIPE left and read all instructions. Be careful and handle your business correctly*** Important: DM ME or SEND an Email. If you don’t receive an email from info@morbookingsagency.com or Scott@morbookingsagency.com then I didn’t email you. Please check the emails as well. *** 1 one artist will get the opportunity to perform in Paris, France. In order to be eligible for this you have to be performing in the @dazesummit I am now booking for the festival. Slots are limited and I already have a few acts moving forward with slots. I want talent, I want people who are hungry, and people that want to be in a festival. 6 students in two years have been helped thru this festival to go to college on a scholarship. Why would you miss this opportunity ? Now that I’m booking if your serious please send an email or DM. (TAG SERIOUS ARTIST ONLY) Go for what you want and don’t be afraid of opportunities. EMAIL Me or DM Me #------------------------------------- INQUIRY DIRECTIONS ------------------------------------- INQUIRIES: please email the following to info@morbookingsagency.com EMAIL SUBJECT: please list in the subject β€œDAZESummit” β€’ Full Name β€’ Stage Name β€’ Cell/Work Number β€’ City / State β€’ Social Media Handles β€’ Genre β€’ SoundCloud β€’ EPK / Media Kit (optional) β€’ city / state #morbookings #sobs #artist #la #nyc #music #recordingartist #indiemusic #performance #sony #ciroc #belairerose
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Tonight we got special guest @luckydoot1 of The Living Legends in the building. Tune in 6pm to 7pm‼️New music from Lucky πŸ€3.0 πŸ‘ˆπŸ½πŸ‘ˆπŸ½πŸ‘ˆπŸ½ --------------------------------------------------------- @tha_medicine : Djfraze1 @lushoneca @clutchatalltimez @death_certificate @just.roxi @icedoutflyboypenguin --------------------------------------------------------- Sponsors: @topshelfgenetics @thconfections1 @rovebrand @danknuggsofficial @indigenousextracts1628 @millionbananasusa @local_legendps @treetopdeliveries @propen_rx @bullionaireinc @wasp_extracts @cal_s_thetics --------------------------------
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Beberapa kriteria buku balita yang memang pas dikonsumsi oleh para balita diantaranya adalah; buku yang memberikan nilai-nilai positif bagi kehidupan, buku yang memiliki alur cerita yang sederhana, dan buku yang tidak mudah sobek. Memang sudah banyak buku balita yang beredar di pasaran dan memiliki kriteria tersebut, namun ada yang berbeda dari sepaket buku #SeriLittleAbid dibandingkan buku balita lainnya, yakni buku dengan judul "Aku Belajar Pertolongan Pertama". Dalam buku tersebut, anak-anak diajarkan pada kasus-kasus kecelakaan kecil yang biasa mereka hadapi dalam kehidupan sehari-hari seperti membersihkan luka, terbentur, mimisan, ataupun terkena air panas. Alur cerita yang disampaikan dengan begitu sederhana dan real dengan kehidupan anak-anak, menjadikan belajar tentang pertolongan pertama menjadi semakin seru dan menyenangkan. Bunda belum punya bukunya? gabung dengan bunda lainnya yuk dalam arisan online πŸ˜ƒ InsyaAllah jauh lebih terasa ringan....☺️ #LA #LittleAbid #AkuBelajarPertolonganPertama
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