Our #ALCS Game 6 starter is #LuisSeverino! Let's go to the world series and celebrate tomorrow in Houston! #LGY
2 hours ago
Amazing dub last night, but this one isn’t over #lgy (Creds : @all_mets_fanpage)
3 hours ago
ONE MORE WIN!!! Lets go guys get pumped! #LGY
3 hours ago
Off day today, back to Houston tomorrow. Being up 3-2 the Yankees only need ONE more win and they will be the AL Champs and they will be on there way to the World Series! #LGY
5 hours ago
5 hours ago
One. More. Win. - #yankees
6 hours ago
Reppin my boys like always #Yankees #JudgeBeMyDaddy #LGY
7 hours ago
#tbt to the other day when Twitter twittered hard. #lgy
7 hours ago
We took 3 in a row at home, headed back to Houston with the 3-2 lead. I am living the dream, 6-0 at home this postseason and ive been to every one. Yankees are gonna have to start sending me paychecks or at least sending me on flights to travel with the team lol. One more and we goin to the 'ship! #ALCS #2017Postseason #LGY #therealhomefieldadvantage #fuckaltuve #onemoretogo #Houstonyouhaveaproblem and yes that is indeed me in the third video.....who else would it be?
7 hours ago
Verlander Is the next victim. #letsgoyankees #alcs #worldseries #yankees #lgy #mlb
7 hours ago
YANKEES WIN AGAIN and take the series lead at 3-2 going back to Houston. The itching shut 'em down again after another stellar performance from Masahiro Tanaka. Judge has woken up and Gary has goven signs of it so that should be very good. Tomorrow we play against Verlander with Severino to counter him. #LGY #Yankees #MLB #ALCS
7 hours ago
20171019 廃盤CD 懐かしいLGYのlifestyle luxuryが一番好きです! #lgy #hyena ARER022から送る俺らL.G.YのSTYLE Hiな気分で車乗り込み 向かう先いつものWEST通り いい歳こいてもLOW RIDER CRUISIN' 流す夜の町並み ネオン輝く 車足並み クラブの中はすでに人ごみ C-WALKで沸かす2ST 女が踊りまくり楽しい 俺らは遠くで沸かすクラム 交わす挨拶ハンドでサイン 飲みたきゃ飲めよ合わすグラス かます合図一滴残さずなめるグラス皆が眺める 一つになろうぜMY FAMILY <hook> W.E.S.T. とことん好きな手振りな右から左 W.E.S.T. とことん好きな腰振りな右から左 <HYENA> It was a great luck ネオン光る繁華街 L.G.YとHYENA 73足元光るクロームワイヤー ネック促し blue light westsider bitch想いが大人なべいじゃ テキーラと極上のベース 後は細かいこと忘れてdown with us 好きにやるだけ欲しいもん掴みだす W.E.S.T.の鉾向くAISIAN 仙台と横浜めくらえるペイジア 廻す煙でエンジンが廻れ鳴り出す飛び道具 UMG FUNK slow down and up in smoke 青いBG駆るわかってるOGも 流れ感じな 一人hangin' run ほらまだ足んねぇってもっとPumpin' now <hook> W.E.S.T. とことん好きな手振りな右から左 W.E.S.T. とことん好きな腰振りな右から左 <RYO> てめぇらの眼ベンツからベンツ乗りこなしバッチリで良くチェック どこかの社長さんも飛ぶ絶句 陰文句掻き消す烈風 車内から流れる音ハンパなく 仲間踊るぜC-WALK jump around 煙ブリブリ弾けるwonder land あんたらもここでわんさか さぁさぁ廻しな廻しなぶっとい葉巻にもっと吸いな更に free freeな俺毒舌話話すこと全部luxy luxy Hey don't stop smokin' time. Hey don't stop rollin' time. Hey don't stop C-WALKIN' time. Hey don't stop don' stop. <hook> W.E.S.T. とことん好きな手振りな右から左 W.E.S.T. とことん好きな腰振りな右から左
9 hours ago
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