Three trades have happened since the start of free agency. Trade #1: Vikings acquire Trevor Siemien. Official Trade: Vikings get: QB Trevor Siemien, 2018 7th Round Pick Broncos get: 2019 5th Round Pick Vikings: Solid move. Siemien is a serviceable quarterback, and is a great option as a backup . Since they lost three quarterbacks this offseason, they definitely needed a backup for Kirk Cousins. They didn’t give up much to get him, so there is no risk involved. Grade: 9.5/10 Broncos get: After signing Case Keenum, there was no room for Siemien in the roster. They still have former first round pick Paxton Lynch, and are likely to draft a quarterback. Better to get an improved pick, rather than just releasing him. Grade: 8/10 Trade #2: Pats acquire Jason McCourty. Official Trade: Pats get: CB Jason McCourty, 2018 7th Round Pick Browns get: 2018 6th Round Pick. Pats: New England desperately needed extra help in the secondary, and McCourty should help fill that need. His contract is also very affordable at just $3M. They also gave up close to nothing. Grade: 9.5/10 Browns: They were planning to release McCourty in order to get younger, so they might as well trade him. They could’ve done a little better though, as McCourty was solid for the Browns last year. Grade: 7.5/10 Trade #3: Dolphins acquire C Danny Kilgore. Dolphins get: C Danny Kilgore, 2018 7th Round Pick 49ers get: 2018 7th Round Pick. Dolphins: In their attempt for a “culture change”, they released C Mike Pouncey. Getting his replacement for practically nothing was a smart move. Grade: 9/10 49ers: This is Merely a salary dump. They had signed Kilgore to an extension last month, but recently signed a much better player in Western Richburg. No room for Kilgore, and it seems that he didn’t have much of a market. Grade: 7.5/10 #nfl#football#tombrady#antoniobrown#leveonbell#drewbrees#juliojones#vonmiller#alvinkamara#robgronkowski#toddgurley#kirkcousins#camnewton#stefondiggs
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New Le’veon Bell edit!
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Dammit Steelers. Y’all better draft a safety 1st Round then. @steelers
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Name a better promposal, a better girl, and a better nfl runningback, I’ll wait😏 #steelers #steelernation #juice #leveonbell
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@aidancarucci this is pure madden bs 😂 he got hitsticked, had his back on the ground and then got up and scored a td. ????? @eamaddennfl #sloppymaddenplays
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Y’all already know what’s up 😈👀
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Ryan Shazier working his hardest to get back on that field 👀😈
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JUJU!!!!!!!!! 🔥👀
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Interesting 👀 what do you guys think about this?
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