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Be part of something that your proud of. - - - - - - #tshirt #1stphorm #legionofboom
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This entire post are quotes compiled from @eddiepinero2 .. @your_world_within - he inspires the hell out of me. LISTEN TO HIS YouTube Channel. . So you look outside – the running conditions are terrible. They are far from ideal. . This is the exact situation when it is most important to get out of bed. . The successful people are the ones that make sacrifices that others will not. Successful people are willing to pay a price that most wouldn’t. They want it just a little more. . You are running alone because it sucks. It sucks to run in the rain. The cold wind blowing in your face, but you are out there when everyone else is warm and inside. Life will not always be comfortable. What are you going to do when things get bad? Are you going to stay in bed? . There is a perfection in solitude. In the behind the scenes. This is where steps become miles. Questions becomes answers. Armor is crafted. . It is where you learn getting what you want in the long term means going through hell right now. . Proving to yourself that you can not only do it once, but you can do it over and over again. . The trail before you – it strengthens the mind. It tests the heart. It lights a fire in the soul. . You either do or your do not. . Excellence is earned. When they are sleeping, you are working. You know there is a way because there always has been. . FIND A WAY TO GET IT DONE!!!!!!!!! LIVE YOUR LIFE.
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The Reality of Running Blog Series Day 148: . 11 F*CKING MILES!!!! . You didn’t sign up for a marathon because you thought it was going to be easy – that’s what I said to myself as I was getting ready this morning. . It was 37 degrees and pouring rain. I wanted to find any excuse I could to not do my 11 miles. . I thought, I can run tomorrow – but I will feel this same way and it will be raining. I thought, I am tired and I didn’t sleep well. . I then thought – suck it up buttercup – you can do this. . We left the house and I monitored my pace the entire time. I made sure we started out slow and then picked it up at the end averaging a 7:58 race pace. . I say “we” because @elsaisfit and I ran it together. I have nothing negative to say about this run and I feel really good considering I just ran 11 miles. . When you get to this point in training, you start to realize what your mind can do to control your body. If you are mentally prepared, you can do anything. . TAKING ON THIS MARATHON HEAD ON!!! #BrittIsFitRunningBlogSeriesDay148 @njmarathon I am coming for you!!!!
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Progress not perfection, right? 🤷🏼‍♀️ funny how your weight can shift and you never lose a pound lol
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The biggest thing I have learned about body image thus far: I’ve actually been quite body obsessed ever since I can remember. I always thought “if only I had a bigger butt then I’d be happy” “if only i had a flat and toned tummy I’d be happy” “if only my shoulders were broader I’d be happy” “if only I carried less body fat then I’d be happy.” Well I’ve achieved all these things and yet it’s never enough. I could be more muscular, leaner, my body composition could be better and so on. The truth is, no matter how much I “perfect” my physical body I won’t be satisfied until I truly love myself and body for what it IS and not what I wish it was. We all have a different genetic makeup and your value as a person is a whole lot more important than what’s on the outside 💗 I’ve focused less on letting the scale define me, the mirror, or others and just learning to be content with where I am at right now and continue to improve. I thought prep would fix the insecurities with my body because once I was shredded I’d have nothing to be insecure about right? Wrong. We pick ourselves a part no matter what we look like. Love yourself at all parts of the journey is my key here. YOU are enough and your body does NOT define you. 🙅‍♀️
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Handstand holds are one of my favorite movements to finish a night of training. If done correctly, they require activation of almost every muscle in your body at once. _ I preach of the importance of compound movements and how they relate to minimizing strength leaks. _ Holds are a good way to build endurance and also to help you see where your training needs a little more attention. #duespaid #isometric #iam1stphorm
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I will always remember where I come from and the things I've gone through in my life because it's helped me become the person I am today. . . I've slept against this wall for months at 12 years old and I will never forget those nights. . . It was surrounded by bush and a big tree in the center so I was able to hide there without being seen. . . A long time ago, I'm not sure where but I heard a quote that has always stuck with me........ . . "Dont be a product of your environment, make your environment a product of you!" . . It has been a constant reminder to me that no matter where you come from you are to never let it dictate the life you will have. . . If I was to allow where I come from to be the deciding factor of what I was going to accomplish in life I probably wouldn't even be alive. . . Never allow your environment or where you come from to be the author of your story. . . You are the author, so what's the story going to be? . . #MyJourney #MyStruggle #MyStory #MeantToMakeIt #PhormBuilt #NeverGiveUp #NeverSettle #DareToDream #DreamBig #WorkHard #DoMore #BeMore #BeUnstoppable #BeatTheOdds #BeThe1 #100to0 #BrickByBrick #IAmUnstoppable #IAm1stPhorm #SelfMade #SelfMadeProject #LegionofBoom #1stPhorm #Legionnaire #WeDoTheWork #MrUnstoppable #UnstoppableFitness #ProjectUnstoppable #ProjectUnstoppableFoundation
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#TBT I have to thank Facebook memories and my fellow @biggestlosernbc alumni for reminding me that today marks 2 years since the finale. It's so odd it's called that cause there's nothing final about it, but instead the beginning of the rest of our lives. I am so thankful for what the show did for me. It reminded me that I am still an athlete and that I can still push my body to do unbelievable things. It also showed me what an amazing community I live in 💙💛 These pictures are from the day before we flew out to California to film the finale and I hated that girl in the mirror. I cried in the bathroom after taking that picture because all I could think of was how much I had let my family and friends down. And wouldn't ya know the irony, I was in that same bathroom tonight after almost dying teaching aerobics, crying because I would give anything to be that girl in the picture again. A class that used to be like a leisurely stroll had me cutting the hour short because my legs were giving out and I was struggling to breathe. I took a shower and for the first time in two years allowed myself to feel every last ounce of regret I've been harboring. I try to be so tough but in that moment, without even realizing the significance of the day, 245 pound me finally accepted the reality of where and who I am. I'm not as tough as I think I am. I'm not fit 'for a big girl' anymore. I'm just the girl that squandered an opportunity and let things spiral out of control. And I know better. Two years ago I proudly announced on live TV that I planned to participate in the #crossfitopen but I can't even bring myself to sign up for it this year. Mainly because I haven't earned it. I haven't trained or prepared and I think 'competing' (even tho I'm scaling) is a privilege I don't deserve. But after my pity party in the shower, I put my big girl panties on (literally) and made a decision. @katrintanja always talks about loving the process of getting to the games as opposed to the games itself. So, I've accepted where I'm at, what it's going to take to change, and will enjoy the heck out of it if it kills me. Admitting the problem is the first step in solving it.
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ME Bench: Black bands with the 55LB fat bar. Bench felt great and went smoothly tonight. That last set was a real grinder, but it's something to work towards next time we do this. Very happy to end a bench day feeling like this 😊. . . . . . . . @liftevil #perogiepowerlifting #gardenstatebarbell #squats #squat #rpspowerlifting #revolutionpowerlifting #firefighter #powerlifter #powerlifting #deadlift #bench #benchpress #conjugate #gopro #legionathletics #legionnaire #gardenstatepowerlifting #fitness #bestself #fitfam #strong #iifym #ironaddict #fitnessaddict #igaddict #photooftheday #rawpowerlifting #igfit #gspowerlifting #like4like
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