This weekend we'll be reading "I Have The Right To," a memoir by teenage sexual assault survivor Chessy Prout about her journey to justice and healing. What will you be reading? Leave your recommendations in the comments section! 📚
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Part 2 of the 4th Estate feminist bookshelf is here. ✨ Looking to enhance your modern-day feminist reading? Check out these beauties, including one from our friends at William Collins. . Whether it’s Chimamanda’s invaluable suggestions on how to raise a daughter a feminist, @lenadunham’s wise and humorous collection of essays, Hadley’s sage advice to show how awesome life as a modern lady could be, or City CEO Helena Morrissey‘ steps to how we might achieve a truly inclusive modern society, 4th Estate has the book recommendations you need.❤️📕 . Have you read these? What did you think? Click on the link in our bio to find out more about these essential reads! #WOM4N . . . #internationalwomensday #iwd18 #feministreading #feminism #dearijeawele #chimamandangoziadichie #notthatkindofgirl #lenadunham #beawesome #hadleyfreeman #agoodtimetobeagirl #helenamorrissey #bookstagram #booksofinstagram
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Arrêt en cours. C'est très rare car j'ai tendance à m'accrocher jusqu'au bout des livres avant de déclarer que je n'aime pas. Mais là je ne tiens plus. Probablement trop vieille pour suivre les histoires de cette jeune trentaine américaine. 😕📚😕 #lecture #reading #bookstagram #book #lenadunham #notthatkindofgirl #pocketedition
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#davidtennant will join the #hboseries #comedy called #camping costarring alongside with #lenadunham and #jennifergarner ! The series Camping was based off the original #ukseries of the same name ! - #dailytennant #davidtennantnews #davidtennant #scottishactor #hbocast #HBO
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These two crazy ladies (in the BEST possible way!) are Mary-Kate and Camilla - otherwise known as @thetapeagency. The part they have to play in #teamDBHF is a relatively recent one but they're essential nonetheless! 1. Who are you and how do you know Steph? - We are The Tape Agency and we met Steph about a year ago, when we started doing the PR for Don’t Buy Her Flowers and managing her branded content work on her own instagram channel @Steph_Dontbuyherflowers 2. What is your involvement with DBHF? - oops answered that above. We are constantly on the look out for new corporate partners for DBHF through our company, where we work with brands and people, large and small. We like to stick people together and we love thinking of DBHF as another person we can introduce someone to. 3. How would you describe Steph? - A dancing, dynamic, kind, funny, business-making BALLER. 4. What is the most thoughtful thing someone has ever done for you? - Cam and I are really lucky in that we are surrounded by people who do lots of tiny thoughtful things for us on a daily basis. Those are the most important thoughts, the ones that are just done quietly and kindly with care, and they just brighten your day for no reason, just like the DBHF boxes. 5. Who would you choose to send a package to and why? Cam and I share a love for Lena Dunham, sometimes for really different reasons. We would love to send her a DBHF package for her openness, her honesty, for making GIRLS but also for the times she has been maybe too open for the world that isn’t ready for her, and has been knocked down and come back up again. . . . #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #bts #behindthescenes #smallbusinesslove #womenforwomen #womensupportingwomen #thoughtfulgifts #lenadunham
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Doctor Who ve Jessica Jones’tan tanıdığımız David Tennant yeni HBO komedi dizisinde başrolde yer alacak. Dizinin isminin “Camping” olacağı duyuruldu. Bünyesinde aynı zamanda Jennifer Garner, Lena Dunham ve Jenni Konner gibi kaliteli oyuncularında olacağı belirtildi. Bize soracak olursanız çok doğru bir seçim olmamış. David Tennant çok değerli yetenekli bir oyuncu, lakin komedi yapımı için biçilmiş kaftan olduğu muamma. Büründüğü karaktere ayrı bir enerji verdiği doğrudur ama Tennant daha çok fantastik ve psikolojik öğelerin barındırdığı yapımların adamı. Oyunculuğunu en iyi sergileyip, karaktere çeşitli dinamikler kattığı taraf orası. Umarım yanılırız ve güzel bir dizi izleriz. Tennant’ın yinede elinden gelenin en iyisini yapacağı aşikar. #davittennant #hbo #camping #jeneffergarner #lenadunham #jennikonner #doctorwho #jessicajones #konudeposu
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Thank god. More in bio.
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