You don’t have to match when you’re making a mall run.. Masen snatched him a hat fa the day! Granny Baby😍 #Masen
22 hours ago
day 3: to me benching has become a huge part of my life. being from a small town in New Mexico and having a love for graffiti but there being none drew my attention to the rails. Instagram taught me to document what i saw. although i only started pointing a camera at trains in early 2015 (the first time going benching for real, over an hour and over 3 lines, was May 14, 2016) it has truly become a huge part of my life and one of my passions. some see it weird to be so passionate about trains, “why trains?” “what’s so great about trains?” “trains are all the same, there’s nothing special about them.” trains are special to me. they give me something to look forward to. they give me something that’ll never let me down (sometimes). i have been able to soak up so much knowledge and i have been able to improve so much in picture taking in the last year that i am confident in benching as a whole. it has truly give me a purpose. i doubt anyone will read all of this but i’d like to just explain some stuff. Photo 1: June 7, 2015 #masen Photo 2: May 14, 2016 #mapletci Photo 3: January 12, 2017 #koten Photo 4: March 13, 2017 #smek Photo 5: May 17, 2017 #ich Photo 6: July 4, 2017 #remotevcr Photo 7: September 8, 2017 #mfk Photo 8: December 6, 2017 #fobek
2 days ago
He hated Santa 🎅🏻 #masen #masenssecondchristmas #scaredofsanta ❤️😂 @true_redneck_style
2 days ago
Thank you to the Bolton Republican Town Committee for hosting me last night. #masen #mapoli
4 days ago
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