El asesor personal del presidente de Estados Unidos, Donald Trump, John McEntee fue despedido por estar bajo investigación por el Departamento de Seguridad Interior por crímenes financieros serios, contó a CNN una fuente cercana a los hechos. Los cargos no están relacionados con el presidente, añadió la fuente. #asesorpersonal #despedido #McEntee #Trump https://www.miamiopinion.com/mcentee-asesor-personal-trump/
7 days ago
bbc felt the need to specify that the financial crimes that trump's personal aide john mcentee (who was escorted out of the wh by security without collecting his personal effects, then immediately rehired by the trump 2020 campaign) is being charged with, are unrelated to any of the other financial crimes currently being investigated in trump's orbit, but are instead a whole new set of financial crimes. [ Trump personal aide John McEntee forced out - US media - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-43388157 ] [ Details of Mr McEntee's dismissal have been scarce, with only a foreboding report that he was under investigation for "serious financial crimes" - ones not tied to any current Trump controversies. At the very least, it appears Mr McEntee did not have a permanent security clearance and, with the ongoing criminal investigation, was unlikely to every be granted one. Mr McEntee's firing - which reportedly concluded with hisbeing escorted from White House grounds - will likely renew scrutiny of the administration's background check process that first began after the termination of Rob Porter, another close Trump aide, because of his own clearance issues. Mr McEntee won't be fully out of the Trump orbit, however. Shortly after his announced firing, he was hired by the Trump campaign - which is becoming a landing place for many of the former Trump hands who are unwilling or unable to work in the White House. ] #trumpets #mcentee #burnnotice #racism2020 #thenewrobberbarons
8 days ago
Trump’s personal assistant, John McEntee, was fired and escorted from the White House on Monday after being denied a security clearance over financial problems in his background, according to senior administration officials and people close to the former aide. People close to #JohnMcEntee said problems related to online gambling and mishandling of his taxes prevented him from gaining the clearance necessary for the role. The Secret Service is investigating #McEntee for those issues, according to a law enforcement official. >>wow, that revolving door at the White House must be spinning out of control
9 days ago
Another one for #AryasList on #twoferTuesday! Smell ya later, #McEntee, tRump's assistant whose issues with online gambling & taxes prevented him from gaining necessary security clearance. #1460DaysOfArt
9 days ago
What's more Aussie than pure sex Amphlett and co. kicking off with a cover from the Easys!!! You make us happy 😉 Love Divinyls. McEntee seriously underrated. Happy Oz day folks. Let's get the convo going, change the bloody date and a few other things so we can all celebrate proper 😘❤️🍻 #divinyls #amphlett #mcentee #aussierock #riphutchmuchlove
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When your dad commandeers the hotel’s kitchen to heat up your #thanksgiving turkey enchiladas and ranch pie. #mcentee#family#ranch#pie
4 months ago
#Camp #mcentee #brothers is all set @victorysportsracing #muddycreek #motocross #racing. Going to be a great weekend of #racing! #yamaha #yz85 #kawasaki #kx65 #cyclegearracing #knoxville #tennessee
6 months ago
Lovely time today catching up with my oldest best school friends ❤️ #sidneychaplin #mcentee #walthamstow #schooldays ❤️
9 months ago
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