Mexican Hustle Take a trip anywhere in Mexico and you will find someone trying to sell somthing or offer a service. After living in Mexico the last three months, I’m finally ready to accept the stereotype. Mexicans are hard workers. There’s more to it than just offereing a good or service. The mexican people are creative in their ways to make money. The street food vendor, the guy at the beach renting out a soccer ball or the volleyball and net, the artist, the performer, the person selling merchandise on public transit, they’ve all figured out their niche. Maybe they won’t become millionaries, but they’ve all figured out a way to live another day. The Mexican hustle is something I have a lot of respect for. Everyone works extremely hard and they take a lot of pride in what they do, but it still extends beyond that. The people know exactly the economic situation they are in, yet they very happy people capable of enjoying life in the bleakest of outlooks. I don’t remember anymore who it was, where it was, or what we were talking about anymore. But I once asked someone “Tu vives aqui?” To which he responded, “No, no vivo. Sobrevivo aqui”. Rational, yet optimistic. #mexico #backpackersdiary #travelersnotebook #wander #explore #getlost #adventure #eyeswideopen
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@Los Tiempos De Dios Son Perfectos
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Conjunto Cartagena⭐️ tela mesh negra con bordados coloridos ✨ #kichink#conjunto#coordinado#lenceria#mexico#fb#tiendaconfiable#tiendakichink
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Exceptional, albeit exhausting, weekend was had with the old college crew. Needless to say Sunday has been all about recovery and relaxation. #latergram
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Memories of Mexico. Sand sculpture on the Puerto Vallarta boardwalk. #memoriesofmexico #puertovallarta #sunset #sunset_pics #sandsculpture #nofilter #microsoft950xl #justtherightlighting #mexico
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What a day!!💕My 2nd half marathon—when everything was hurting, my amazing babes running the last bit with me was all I needed. This was for you kiddos- set your goals, believe in yourself & work so damn hard that you don’t have the time to hear or believe the people doubting you. Today I’m reminded of how blessed I am to be a teacher- who else has such cute fans who would voluntarily wake up so early on a Sunday?😜 Mil gracias a todos y los quiero muchísimo!
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