St. Patrick 1; Mug Men 0. Little delayed on this week's #SeeAChugSendAChug Saturday because we went to a different level celebrating Patrick! None-the-less, enjoy. 🍻 #Sheesh #MugMen @themugmen . . @alex.tnadrinks, @jerodonnell14, @meatballgrinda, @cityseemz, @shivasheeves, @justinphicks
2 hours ago
Suuuuuuuuurprise! Mug man Mike makes a special appearence for #SeeAChugSendAChug Saturday Leprechaun style. LFG, it's St. Patrick's Day and we expect the chugs to roll in. Shhhheeeeeeeeeeeeshhhh! 🍻 #MugMen @themugmen
2 days ago
Happy 316 day! 🍻 #MugMen @themugmen @steveaustinbsr @wwe
3 days ago
Invention alert! The founders of @gomadhops gifted us with their flavored beer drops that turn your ordinary light beer EXTRA ordinary. Sheesh! . . . . We don't count calories so we're not the target, but if you do, these are worth a try. 🍻 #GoMadHops #Partner #MugMen @themugmen
4 days ago
#MugMenMarchMadness: sources say @tombrady wants the chug-off tournament winner! But who will that be? 😂 . . Chugs start Sunday. 🍻 #MugMen @themugmen
4 days ago
Go Pack Go? Today's #MugWomanWednesday sure is glad @thejimmygraham joined the Packers! When this cheesehead isn't sipping @prairieales stouts, she's outdoors camping, hiking, gardening or being the perfect mom/wife to her husband and son. Cheers to you, @crafted_n_milwaukee! 🍻🧀 #MugMen @themugmen
5 days ago
Our kinda Tuesday: @chicagobulls or @laclippers? 🍻 #MugMen
6 days ago
The March Madness fever is real! We decked out the house in collegiate gear and sipped on a @bluepointbrewing "Toasted Lager." 🍻 #MugMen @themugmen . . Wait for the end. 😎
6 days ago
Happy 312 day! Had a @gooseisland "312" urban wheat photo shoot tonight to celebrate. 😂 . . Fun fact: this was the first beer we reviewed! 🍻 #MugMen @themugmen
7 days ago
One less hour drinking with daylight savings but y'all still managed to chug! Special s/o to @colettemc21 on turning 27 this weekend. Cheers! #SeeAChugSendAChug 🍻 #MugMen @themugmen . . . . @dan_dziuba, @alex.tnadrinks @tnadrinks, @sactowncoley_beer_gal, @dasbeerblog, @joe_emburgh
8 days ago
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