Go Pack Go? Today's #MugWomanWednesday sure is glad @thejimmygraham joined the Packers! When this cheesehead isn't sipping @prairieales stouts, she's outdoors camping, hiking, gardening or being the perfect mom/wife to her husband and son. Cheers to you, @crafted_n_milwaukee! πŸ»πŸ§€ #MugMen @themugmen
5 days ago
Hey, @beeryoga, can you translate this?! "Buveur de bière! This week's #MugWomanWednesday is a yoga-loving craft beer drinker who has been a French teacher for more than six years! When not inside the classroom or studio, you can find Brooke drinking an "Apricot Blonde" from @drydockbrewing! Namaste, Brooke, namaste! Give her a follow. 🍻 #MugMen @themugmen
12 days ago
#PhillyPhilly? @craftbeer_barbie gets this week's #MugWomanWednesday for being brave enough to be a Cowboys fan living in Philly! This beautiful blonde loves hazy DIPAs, with favorites most notably "Headroom" from @trilliumbrewing and "Swish" from @bissellbrothers. Fun fact: we didn't even know Ukrainian was a language, but if you need/want to learn it, Kyra's your gal! 🍻 #MugMen @themugmen
19 days ago
Ever train your cat to use the toilet? We thought so - and that's why you're not a #MugWomanWednesday. πŸ˜‚ Today's Mug Woman, @travelinghoppy, did just that! When she's not training cats to use the bathroom, she's watching her Denver @broncos while tossing back a couple @weldwerksbrewing "Juicy Bits" IPAs. Cheers to you, cat trainer, cheers to you! 🍻 #MugMen @themugmen
26 days ago
Can we get a "Philly, Philly" for this week's #MugWomanWednesday, @lattesandlabcoats, on Valentine's Day?! . . Dani, who is an aspiring pharmd, is a big-time @philadelphiaeagles fan who; fun fact: used to live next door to @angels superstar @miketrout! ⚾️ . . This craft beer snob said there's too many good Philly/Pennsylvania beer choices to choose one, so let us know your favorites because we'd love to hear what the go-to brews are! #PhillyPhilly 🍻 #Mugmen @themugmen
1 month ago
Pinky out, Philly, Philly! @lattesandlabcoats might not be boozin' now, but don't let this @philadelphiaeagles fan fool ya, she's a craft beer snob! Her story coming next #MugWomanWednesday. #MugMen @themugmen 🍻
1 month ago
With the PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games around the corner, today our #MugWomanWednesday goes out to @annie_kunz7! Why? Well, she's currently in training for the 2020 Summer Olympics (heptathlon). πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡² When she's not in training mode, this Texas A&M Aggie soccer and track alum loves sippin' on cold @bluemoonbrewco brews! Follow to be part of her journey! 🍻 #MugMen @themugmen
1 month ago
There'll be a line outside @kayjewelers after this #MugWomanWednesday! @mermaidontap has tried more than 2,000 beers, and drinks live on @twitch while playing video games. πŸ’β™₯️ . . Monica's current fav. beer is @perennialbeer "17" milk chocolate stout, and she drinks lots of them to deal with the pain of year-after-year disappointment from her @chicagobears. Give this red-headed beauty a follow! 🍻 #MugMen @themugmen
2 months ago
Anyone want a #MugWomanWednesday? Well here she is! @tapswithtor is a big-time craft beer and sports snob. This Bay Area beauty can be found out and about, or at home drinking @fieldworkbrewingco "Young Murks" DIPA, with @directv "NHL Center Ice" on the TV so she can watch her @nhlbruins from 3,000 miles away! Give her a follow if ya love your beer and sports! 🍻 πŸ’ #MugMen @themugmen
2 months ago
*LONG BUT NEEDED POST* . On Dec. 28, 2015, we were watchin' our alum (@cmufootball) in the @quicklanebowl when we came across gorgeous @espn sideline reporter @kayce_smith. And what we learned is this girl is an inspiration. If you don't know who this beer-drinkin' Texan is - time to find out! . . She "has been kicking cancer's ass since Nov. 2013" after being diagnosed with melanoma. And now, here she is, four years later, loving life in her new role at @nbcsboston, drinking her @lefthandbrewing "Milk Stout," @andersonvalleybrewing "Gose Sour" or glasses of wine while rooting on her @texasamfootball Aggies from a far. Crazy how sports can bring people together. Pleased to call ya a friend, Kayce. Well deserved #MugWomanWednesday. Keep kickin' ass, beautiful. 🍻 #MugMen @themugmen
2 months ago
Special edition of #MugWomanWednesday: Mug Mom Monday! @greeneyedbrewlady was one of our first friends/supporters on the IG, so we wanted to show this mother of three (looking good, right?!) some love! She's handy (loves DIY) and enjoys the popular @treehousebrewco "Green," which goes with those green eyes! Kate is a big-time @patriots fan (lucky her)! Craft beer lovers and Pats Nation, give her a follow! #MugMen @themugmen 🍻
2 months ago
This week, @mittenbeerchick receives our #MugWomanWednesday for her ability to overcome the dreaded phrase, "hate beer." 😲 It's now been a decade since she became a beer lover, and this Michigander can't get enough of it! You can catch her watching the @detroitredwings while drinking her favorite - @perrinbrewing's "Caesar's Gimp." Congrats, Whitney! #MugMen @themugmen 🍻
2 months ago
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