So glad @kalabrandmusic decided to make these things... the #ubass !
2 minutes ago
That moment when you realized that the idea you were so excited about 3 hours ago, actually turned out to be shit. And it's your fault from the beginning. #LateNight #MusicProduction #Producer #ProducerIssues #ProducerLifeStyle #ProducerLife #StudioLife #HomeStudio #BadIdeas
2 minutes ago
Subscribe to my Youtube Channel (link is in my bio) 📽️ ☆ If you're looking for beats then you can lease or buy this one at an affordable price on my beatstars page 💸 ☆ Thank you all for the love and support ✌️ ☆ Don't ever be afraid to be yourself even if you are looked at like an Alien 👽
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