I did a presentation earlier, to me its little things like that, that can impact a person and really change the course of ones life. At least mine. Im so grateful, it was short. I would say 5 Minutes because that was the time I was given, yet it was Powerful and I grateful. Teared up afterwards cause I had someone who allowed me to express myself on something I put so many hours into and im passionate about. Thank you to my friends and the NAZWorld Community for always pushing Positivity and Chasing Your Dreams. Im telling you and will continue too. DREAMS COME TRUE ❤️ #DreamsAreReality #NAZWorld #Success #Community
6 days ago
•This is Part of my Kino Diet 🍃🎉 •40% Protein •40%Carbs •30% Fats •Getting Accustomed to it so I went a bit over, but I have found the way that works for me to stay Healthy and yet also eat big meals. Body Results soon to come and only 3 gym days per week. That is more than Perfect because of my Extremely Tight Schedule. ❤️ I appreciate you, get your health,mind,body,spirit,Wealth, and Relationships right if not already. Life is beautiful and if not already we should all enjoy it and be helping each other. That’s why together were building this Company “NAZWorld” Together, we got a message of positivity to promote and the world needs it! Don’t you agree? 😜 Drop a Comment, Tag a friend. Lets get it #NAZWorld #Success #Community
7 days ago
❤️I’m not saying im the Greatest SalesPerson in the World, But I am saying I try to be, and I tell myself that I am and I try to live up to that! I think wants helped me more than anything is Accepting myself for who I am 💯⏳📖 Embracing me. am grateful to my parents, they have always taken care of me and giving me love. Another core thing would be GIVING, if we’ve met or if you follow me on Social. Giving makes me happy and its helped me become a better person. Always giving more than I get. God is a Good God 🧙🏼‍♂️ No Matter what always stay positive, I get knocked down, IM NOT PERFECT! But I keep positive books around me and made my room a sanctuary to help, along with also prayer and Self Analyses/Meditations. 🙏🏽 I love you, and I hope maybe my words although im but growing and developing Inspire you to Take Action, and improve your life if not already. Life is not Long and I have asked many men and women about time and Its Speed. I always hear 👂 the response that Time Goes by quick. I want you to remember HighSchool, Middle School or Even Elementary 📚📖⏳ .... How Long Ago Was That? I with the grace of god and my own effort am becoming more Conscious with time. Hopefully it stays like that. I love sharing my failures and success’s. 💪🏽 Even though some people don’t say anything And just stay quiet but I know Im doing my part and hopefully Inspiring some lives. I struggle daily at the moment, but all progress comes thru struggle at least that’s what Frederick Douglas said if not mistaken. I love you, keep in touch. #NAZWorld #Success #Community
15 days ago
New YouTube Video ❤️ To everyone who has Benefited from my Content or even taken the time to see it, along with the people who have been supporting me. Thank you 🙏🏽 from the Bottom of my heart and I don’t know how deep that shallow bottom goes or comes from but i mean that from the deepest place. The video is up, and the link is in my bio. Hope you enjoy it #NAZWorld #Success #Community
15 days ago
Battle Cry! 💥🧙🏼‍♂️ •Read!!! •Im reading right now “The Greatest Salesman in the World by: Og Mandino •He was a man that at one time was Homeless and Was in such dispair and a low place that he almost took his own life by shooting himself in the Head! 🧠 🔫 •He Fortunately didn’t, One day while Homeless he walked into a Library. 📚 There he began to read Books on Success, and Eventually More Books on that Topic and More.📖 •Eventually he Changed his Life Wrote this book and has Sold Over 2 Million Copies along with others he has Wrote.❤️ •He is a teacher and Mentor to me through his Words of Encouragement and Wisdom. •Do you want to be Successful? Then do not CHEAT yourself and learn from the greats. As the Famous ISSAC NEWTON, has stated •“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants”! 🔥⛹️‍♀️⏳ • Follow your Dreams, And Surround yourself with Positive People even if They Start only Through Books. You Will Change and Begin to Tap into your inner potential and talents, Stay Great and Stay Amazing Much Love To You and Your Success. Thank You 🙏🏽 #NAZWorld #Success #Team #Community
19 days ago
💡Wanna Know Something Cool? •We Have A Limited Amount Of Time Before Time Is Eventually Gone For Us. •Thinking and Having That Awareness Day In and Out Is Shaping Me As We Read This Together ⏳⌛️ •When We Have That Awareness I Think Atleast For Me, I Have More Appreciation For Life Itself, It Also Makes Me Think, “Wow I’m Going To Die One Day...” 📽️ It Inspires Me, It Motivates Me To Be Better. It Lets Me Realize That If I Want To Accomplish Any Of My Dreams, The Clock Is Ticking, and Like GaryVee Says “Time Is Our Greatest Asset” ⌚️ We All Have The Freedom To Use It How We Like But Like Ghandi Says “The Future Depends On What We Do In The Present” 🎟️🙏🏽 #Love #Time #NAZWorld
20 days ago
🗣️Aggressive Patience... Little words that can have a big Impact, and Change the Course of your Future if Applied with Proper Intention .🔑🙏🏽 • • 🥅Goals, an Underestimated Action that Serves as a Road Map to Any Goal no Matter how Big.🗺️ • • I have a lot of Love and Understanding for you because im growing myself and I know first hand what its like to Advance, Mentally, Physically,Spiritually as I have very Slowly but surely Because of the Grace of God, The Universe, Infinite,Etc.. and my willingness to be Great❤️🌟. Know that all your Dreams Will Come True, as it is a Fact that “Dreams Are Reality”- Noel A. Zapata . 🌦️ I’ll make a short video on that Eventually as its that Statement that has had a Life Altering Change in my life. Stay Amazing and Reach for Your Dreams, They Are Your Responsibility and your 1st Children. #NAZWorld 🌎❤️💫 #Success #Community
1 month ago
Put Together A Powerful, Small, and Explosive Collage! 💥 • • Were on Challenge #17 and slowly just growing and improving, its a constant thing, and the Process of trying to make something you want happen has a lot of inside lessons that we Could Never Experience, Unless we chase our own Personal Dream, Be It What It May. ✈️🧙🏼‍♂️ Hope your doing Great and if there is Anything I can do for you, Just reach out. Zig Ziglar always said 🧠💡 “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”🌎🤝💝 #NAZWorld #Success #Community
1 month ago
1 month ago
This has been the Greatest thing I’ve learned and I wish Everyone knew about it. I get happy because I have Hope and Dreams in my Heart. Its an EverLasting joy unlike Narcotics or anything else that is Temporary. I’ll have Moments where I have to bounce but I do that Fast Also, its brief and 99% of the Time, Im Enthusiastic enjoying the Life I Am Creating. Hope this Inspired you and you got Something Valuable from it #NAZWorld #Success #Community
1 month ago
I think this is just really important and sometimes its better to collect moments than things because by loving what you do, who you are, enjoying the Journey and Process. You will then also love the MATERIALISTIC THINGS YOU ACHIEVE, DESERVE AND GET 😉 trust me I want a Rolls Royce and I Intend on Getting it Plus a lot more cars in the future and a lot of other nice things. I even want a Private Jet ✈️ . but loving myself, who I am, and the momsnts I cherish and experience with people are part of the process and the most fun. Just Imagine those amazing stories you’ve had in life when you got that girl or guy, or that time you were popular or accomplished some cool Goal or idea. Do you agree now. 😉😜 Drop your Comments, Ideas and Maybe even Moments Below, come on 😉💡 #NAZWorld
1 month ago
NAZ WORLD LOGO!!! 🌎Check out the last video, and by the way this is challenge #18 ❤️ enjoy 😉, I also threw up a new VIDEO on youtube the link will be on my bio, love you and be great. #NAZWorld #Success #Community #DreamsAreReality (p.s the Logo was Helped made Possible by this amazing artist @jade_555_ )
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