I don’t know why, but I feel like that wasn’t the score of the game...
5 days ago
Announcement 🚨 This is not something I ever wanted to post. I have decided to retire @nfl_scores.18 •••••••••••••••••••••• 3 years ago going on 4, November 21st 2014, I made this account. I honestly made this account because I am a huge fan of football and I felt that people would enjoy an account that post, scores, predictions, and news. I never knew that this account would make it this far today. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• That’s also the issue. I worked very hard each year on this account and I excepted this account to grow more than it has. Every year was good, but this past 2017 season, people weren’t that interested in my posts and I was even questioning whether or not I wanted to post at all in the season. I took advice from people who followed this account on how I can make my posts better. It’s not easy. I’ve been posting every week since 2014. It’s not easy running an account like this. I’ve worked hard and I’m just not interested in posting anymore. •••••••••• I’d like to thank everyone who follows this account, liked a post or just looks at this account. All I do is make the post about the score of a game or news or prediction for a game, and the people that follow or see the posts, are the ones that actually make the outcome of the post if you like it or comment or just look at it. This account wouldn't make it this far if it wasn't for you people so thank you. ••••••••••••••••••••••• I don’t know. Maybe I’ll change my mind in a month and decide I’ll continue this account, but for now I’m happy with my decision and I will keep it at that. Once again this is the hardest post I ever had to make on this account. I’m going to miss posting, you never know, 2 months from now I might change my mind but for now, I’m happy with my decision. Thank you for everything. #NFL #NFLNews #NFLScores
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10 days ago
Philadelphia Eagles celebrated their Super Bowl victory with a parade in Philadelphia today. #PhiladelphiaEagles #Eagles #EaglesNation #NFL #NFLNews #NFLScores
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16 days ago
#FINALSCORE Eagles 41 - Patriots 33. Philadelphia Eagles are the Super Bowl Champions for the first in franchise history!! New England finishes at 15-4. #PHIvsNE #Eagles #Patriots #EaglesNation #PatsNation #SuperBowlLII #SuperBowl52 #NFL #NFLNews #NFLScores
16 days ago
BREAKING NEWS: The #Eagles have defeated the #Patriots 41-33 to win Superbowl 52! What a game it was. #NFL #NFLScores #Football #Sports #NFLPlayoffs #Breakingnews #Superbowl
16 days ago
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