Desert hot springs➡️ flamingo heights #nofilter
41 seconds ago
No filter needed #nofilter #vermont
5 seconds ago
After two years my CT110 Postie has gone from a rolling frame to this. Oh and it went to Uluru... #progress #blurry #nofilter #uluru
9 seconds ago
W A F F L E S . Felt like waffles so waffles was what I had! Waffle mix was made with 40g @macr0mike chocolate peanut butter protein, 1 egg, almond milk and a little baking powder. Topped with strawberries, dark choc baking chips and @mayversfood dark roast peanut butter. So delicious! 😍
1 minute ago
Eyebrows done ✅ Hair changed back to natural color✅ Green eyes✅ Did you know that only 2% of the population has green eyes?
48 minutes ago
It’s been frigid, but beautiful. #colorado #nofilter #snow #blueskies
15 seconds ago
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