What’s up 2018! We’re back!! #Area52Podcast Ep. 74 “Poor Sports!” “No matter what #sport you follow or what #team you root for, when your team is down, it seems that they’re always getting screwed over by bad calls, biased refs and unfair Illuminati interference! Ok, so maybe there isn’t a secret reptilian government that controls the outcome of every game, but that doesn’t mean the world of sports is free from #conspiracy theories, in fact, there are many controversies that haunt the sporting world. From under inflated footballs and freezing cold envelopes, to forced retirements from the court and planned assaults on the ice, join us this week as we look at some of our favorite rumors and unsolved conspiracy theories from the wild world of professional sports. Play ball…but fairly!” Find us in iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, wherever podcasts can be streamed or directly from our website www.utahpodcastnetwork.com Thanks for listening! Wishing you all a wonderful 2018🎉 Link to listen 👽: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/area-52-podcast/id1202085108?mt=2&i=1000400034421 #area52podcast #poorsports #sportsconspiracies #patrickewing #nyknicks #michaeljordan #chicagobulls #frozenenvelope #nba #tonyaharding #nancykerrigan #winterolympics #iceskating #figureskating #patriots #deflategate #tombrady #conspiracy #utahpodcastnetwork #newepisode
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You know it’s going to be a fun day when it starts like this! OMG six rolls of paper towels later, it’s sort of clean. #all #costco #ghost #practicaljoker #smellslikecandiinhere #cleaning #nightmare #nancykerrigan #why #oozing #oozingunderantiques
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⛸️ I, Tonya ⛸️ Review ⛸️ 8.8/10 ⛸️ ••••• Last night the misses and I sat and enjoyed one of the best acted but edgy biopics in recent years. I, Tonya was a whole heap of fun, filled to the brim with exceptional performances from the likes of Sebastian Stan, Paul Walter Hauser, Allison Janney and obviosly Margot Robbie herself! One of my favourite parts about the film was how the stars kept breaking the fourth wall, I really loved how Gillespie took that risk as it can sometimes take you out of a film, but, the way he handled the domestic abuse scenes were nothing short of spectacular, It was a clever device that lends itself to showing how contradictory Harding’s and Gillooly’s tales remain. While we're on the subject of abuse, I just can't get the thoughts out of my head at how brutal and realistic some of the scenes actually were, I mean you witness Jeff Gillooly (Stan) smash Tonya's head into ample walls, point blank punch her in the face, throw her around and more! Don't worry though because Tonya gave as good as she got at least half of the time! The only problems I have with the film lies with the "facts" themselves, due to some extensive research I have done, I know that Tonya and her mum haven't spoken in years, therefore most scenes involving Lavona are told through Tonyas words, for example her mum recently did an interview saying and i quote "she's lied so much she doesn't know what isn't a lie anymore!" All in all I wouldn't really call it a true story, but aslong as you don't take the film as gospel you should rather enjoy it! Due to the acting alone this film is definitely a film worth repeated viewings! #itonya #margotrobbie #sebastianstan #allisonjanney #awardwinning #controversial #biopic #halftruestory #lies #lavonagolden #tonyaharding #jeffgillooly #nancykerrigan #theincident #cinpehilecommunity #MovieFest
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【明周娛樂 Ming Pao Weekly介紹《#冰之驕女》】 //電影有趣地從 Harding 與其夫 Jeff Gillooly 的訪問中取材,亦參考當時的媒體報道,拼湊出她的戲劇人生,亦比對外界對她的看法。導演 Craig Gillespie指,Harding 與他人對很多事情的看法不一,如她與前夫的口述中,幾乎沒有一處是吻合的,這種分歧帶來了特殊的幽默感,所以他特意加入不少黑色笑話,用喜劇包裝。// 今日|八卦話題 🎦戲飛預售►http://bit.ly/2ANhGFn ================== 網上獨家前導預告►https://youtu.be/ZhvtSCQENmY 終極預告►https://youtu.be/qYUnZLI08lg ================== #ITonya #MargotRobbie #AllisonJanney #SebastianStan #MckennaGrace #JulianneNicholson #TonyaHarding #NancyKerrigan #瑪歌羅比 #愛麗遜珍妮 #施巴斯坦史丹 #uafilms
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#冰之驕女》 今日上映‼️ 真性情 #坦雅哈婷 撕破溜冰世界華美糖衣,醜聞真相大公開‼️ ================== 🎦16間戲院上映,戲飛開始預售🎦 UA院線 UA Cine Times|UA Cine Moko|UA iSQUARE|UA Megabox►http://bit.ly/2B4EJM9 MCL院線 Festival Grand|皇室戲院|康怡戲院►http://bit.ly/2rebVRO 百老匯院線 PALACE ifc|電影中心Cinematheque|MY CINEMA YOHO MALL|MOViE MOViE Cityplaza►http://bit.ly/2mBNN5R AMC Pacific Place►http://bit.ly/2DBpk92 The Grand Cinema►http://bit.ly/2D7MLpe The Metroplex星影匯►http://bit.ly/2mHENgp 英皇戲院 - 中環娛樂行►http://bit.ly/2FHVtfM 澳門UA銀河影院►http://bit.ly/2riyswM ================== 網上獨家前導預告►https://youtu.be/ZhvtSCQENmY 終極預告►https://youtu.be/qYUnZLI08lg ================== #ITonya #MargotRobbie #AllisonJanney #SebastianStan #MckennaGrace #JulianneNicholson #TonyaHarding #NancyKerrigan #瑪歌羅比 #愛麗遜珍妮 #施巴斯坦史丹 #uafilms
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@Andrew.loves.portland I saw myself last night on the @ABC2020 special "#TonyaHarding: Truth and Lies." In archival footage that is almost 25 years old, I saw myself as a high school senior standing there with Tonya, with my hand on her shoulder, shortly after she stepped off the plane from the #Olympics. Go to this hashtag to read the story: #TonyaAirport1994 This is all beyond overwhelming for me. At the time friends and family from across the country told me they were seeing me on the news defending Tonya. But I never saw myself at the time, and I never saw that footage of myself with Tonya at the airport -- until last night. For analogy, imagine that you are in your early 40s, someone has gone into your storage space, found one of your ancient diaries or journals from your high school years, torn out a few pages -- and then broadcasted those pages on television across the nation! In my gut, I still feel that she wasn't involved in planning the attack on #NancyKerrigan. And I cannot believe this story, and that footage, lives on…. And I cannot believe my reaction to seeing it. (Swipe to see the picture and message of support Tonya sent me in early 1994, and then swipe to see my mother with Tonya at a reception for her at the #MultnomahAthleticClub in #Portland. I also saw my own mother on the special last night as well as many other people I knew at the time.)
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#rehearsal #tonyaandnancy #nancykerrigan #opera excited to bring this #contemporaryopera to @artshantyprojects #lakeharriet January 20th and 21st #actors #actorslife
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So I saw I, Tonya the other day and I can’t get it out of my head. I was glued to the Tonya and Nancy saga as a teenager (and let’s be honest: glued to figure skating in general). I loved #NancyKerrigan because she represented everything I wanted to be. Graceful, elegant, Northern, rich, thin, tall — destined to be somebody. In retrospect, and watching the film, I now realize I’ve always been a Tonya: A blunt, poor, rural outsider fighting her way up with what she’s been given. So, shoutout to 15 yr old me hunting for music lessons in the yellow pages, finding a scholarship that paid for them, and who then borrowed mom’s hunter green minivan to drive an hour to and from saxophone lessons every Sunday. I, Tonya, indeed. My jaw was on the floor the whole film, but when they showed the actual footage of her landing that triple axel during the credits I shed a tear. #TonyaHarding, imperfect as she may be, is a trailblazing sports icon who fought the whole way. Also: she didn’t deserve to be banned from #figureskating for the rest of her life. #ITonya #Bluelynoted #mustsee #TwoThumbsUp
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Toe Pick is an entirely transcribed play, written by my friend @thackarybinx that follows the Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan scandal of 1994.They're raising $$ to fully produce the piece at Dixon Place to coincide with the 2018 Olympic Games. Please consider donating- even a few dollars can make their gold medal dreams a reality. Link in my bio :) #TonyaHarding #NancyKerrigan #IceSkating #WinterOlympics #CrowdFunding @toepickplay
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