The #snowday in Raleigh forced me to drive up to Washington. A little sloppy driving doesn't scare me! #rally #snowdriver #salty #roadsalt
2 days ago
Cali is in the hospital. Not feeling well. Missing her very much. #prayforcali
7 days ago
Recent California mudslides have a lot to do with geography! Wildfires have stripped the land of material to hold the soil in place. Steep valleys and hills become saturated with rainwater and nothing to hold them in place. An accumulation of mud and debris will eventually begin to flow downhill. This tremendous force can completely level homes and move cars like toys. . . . . #GeographyBuzz #Geography #California #CaliforniaMudslide #CaliforniaFires #Rain #weather #mudslide #deadly #dangerous #nature #forceofnature #prayforcali
10 days ago
Our Queen Oprah among other wealthy folk are recovering from the deadly mudslides that happened in Cali earlier this week in Montecito. Last month the state was literally on fire! & now some areas are dealing with this muddy mess. Aprx 300 ppl are trapped in their homes, 16 have been reported dead & at least 2 dozen injured according to news sites. Oprah’s $50 million estate is going to need some repairs πŸ™πŸ½πŸŒ΄
11 days ago
Burbank got hit with a lot of rain 😳 this looks crazy. Comment thoughts πŸ‘‡via @logangshaw
11 days ago
From one extreme to another, one week it’s a blaze and the next it’s flooding #prayforcali
11 days ago
Bukan saja2 Cali duk gini. Cali ada multiple pelvic fractures. Patutla xbalik 2 hari. Nk kena cari duit bayar operation cost. #getwellsoonsyg #calijuruh #prayforCali
11 days ago
Blessed to have all my loved ones alive and safe after being so close to the fire and now this storm and mudslides! Rest In Peace to those who lost their lives today πŸ˜“ #Sadness #PrayForCali #CAStorm #Mudslides #SantaBarbara #StillBeautiful
12 days ago
Being able to make a difference through graphic design is one of the main reasons I love it. #graphicdesign #graphicdesigner #graphic #sun #clouds #palmtrees #prayforcali #instagood
13 days ago
California is a great place, but to every great place is a downside and that downside is forest fires πŸ”₯#prayforCali I love living there β™₯οΈπŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ the fires are always 2 hours or more away from our house, but for the people it is close to I hope they are getting things together 😚 God is with you πŸ‘Ό
15 days ago
meanwhile I didnt feel a thing 😭 #prayforcali
17 days ago
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