SWIPE! to get up close to the Alonsomobile. ----------------------------- The @unitedautosports & @fernandoalo_oficial mobile at the Rolex 24. ------------------------------ #welovedriving #race #racecar #racer #racing #motorsport #motorsportphotography #photography #carphotography #lmp2 #daytona #rolex24 #daytona24 #daytonainternationalspeedway @disupdates @imsa_racing
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2/22/18 #wip this is my story about RACE. I love to draw different races, different gender,different facial expressions. When I carried two giant suitcases, left my home country, and landed to this strange land 8 years ago, I didn’t realize the most difficult obstacle, is not language, is RACE. Yes. People view me as a Chinese girl first and very soon lost interest on me. For the first whole year of 2010, I didn’t make a single friend, real friend. Girls at school were looking at me in a weird way. One day, when I walked into a classroom and randomly selected a seat , the white girl next to me said something that I can ever forget: “YOU SMELL LIKE KIMCHI. Ewwww.” And she walked away. That was the first time I started to doubt my race. WHO AM I? WHERE I CAME FROM? I was shocked and shamed at the same time that my brain wasn’t able to even think a word to fight her back. I just looked at her disappeared and my tears just dropped without notice. For a long time, I was extremely lonely. I was trying too hard to “fit in” and lost myself. I hate myself and can’t help to push away myself. Then...time passes by, soundlessly. I gradually realized that I MUST stop doubting my race. My face. And where I came from. I started to feel proud. I started to love my “kimchi” smell. I stared myself in mirror naked, and the first time I love myself. My body and my soul. Gradually I gained confidence of myself. And I became less annoyed by those people, less care about what they thought. I don’t have friends, so what. I have myself. Things can change. When I started to love who I truly am. Miracle happened. I started to have friends who truly care about me. That was the first time my heart feels warm. For a very long time I was walking in a desert with an exhausted soul and body. I finally can rest, drink and feel belong. In order for others to love you, you have to love yourself first. Love each part of yourself. Body and soul.
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60 years ago today, Lee Petty won the first Great American Race!
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