Wilmer Flores eliminated. Down to 5. Comment below your least favorite Met. (IK it’s hard) JUST CHOOSE ONE!
3 minutes ago
Lmao this is the best @arod @davidortiz @fs1 #arod #bigpapi #yankees #redsox
4 minutes ago
A-Rod hit Big Papi with the Yankee jacket sneak attack 😅 #yankees #redsox #bigpapi #papigrande #davidortiz #arod
35 minutes ago
#RedSox for Life. @davidortiz #BigPapi
38 minutes ago
Since the age of 17 i promised myself that i'll never watch a live MLB game until i watch the @redsox play at Fenway park. Took me 10 years, but that dream came true on Sept 30th 2017. The ideal game would have been Red Sox Vs. Yankees. But that wasn't possible. So i watched them played the @astrosbaseball instead and watched them win and become the Al East Champs 2017. One of the best days of my life! #DreamComeTrue #RedSox #Travel
41 minutes ago
47 minutes ago
@ARod tried to put a Yankees jacket on @davidortiz 😂😂
54 minutes ago
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