I'm giving out positive energy & positive vibrations. Doesn't matter if ppl don't give it back #GM #Richoffknowledge
2 days ago
Which category do you fall in?? #Tag a Successful friend 👍🏿#Richoffknowledge #Successful
2 days ago
We're excellent at everything we do #Richoffknowledge
3 days ago
4 days ago
You blowing money fast when that Direct Deposit hit or you stacking money slow... #Richoffknowledge
7 days ago
How much money did you save this week? How much did you spend this week (on stuff you didn't need) I made a bet with a few ppl who I see are staying true to saving a certain amount every week or everytime they get paid. Are you saving or you just blowing your check and tell yourself " I get paid again in 2 weeks so it's all good"... I'm no expert on money just an expert on my experiences #Richoffknowledge
10 days ago
Shoutout to the people who didn't wake up and complain this morning. It's How many Mondays in a year?? So you going to complain every damn Monday that it's Monday and how much you don't feel like going to work. That's like saying I don't feel Making any money today I'm cool. Everytime your about to complain look yourself in the mirror and say AVERAGE ppl complain and I'm not Average. Change your perspective #Richoffknowledge
11 days ago
Some things you take with you from year to year like your GRIND... I believe you either have it or you don't. Some ppl are just motivated to get to a dollar and just Hustle for whatever they want other are just sitting around gossiping about what they should do or would do if such and such happens.... that's a AVERAGE persons mentality. All hustlers know you gotta get up and get it yourself. With all these apps we got you literally can make money off your phone really without leaving your house. You gotta put in the time tho.... nobody can make you GRIND. I think it's cool to watch tv and play games but how much time are you putting into grinding??? What are your side HUSTLES outside of your job??? Your talented or creative at something we all are. Find your thing and run with it and don't worry about what the ext person is doing #richoffknowledge #LastYearVibes #DontLeaveYourHustleIn2017
11 days ago
I'm never telling ppl what to as if I know it all but I can speak from my experiences and my perspective on life #richoffknowledge #grindmode #grindmore #perspective #dontsettle #onelife
11 days ago
I don't think y'all get what I'm saying... this not the life I'm settling for. I wasn't born to be average. Nothing wrong with working a 9-5 I currently work 2 jobs... I'm sure a lot of ppl I follow work 2 and 3 jobs... a 9-5 is not the goal for me tho it's a stepping stone to get to the goal #richoffknowledge
11 days ago
Like @djkhaled always says.... stay away from THEY 🗣️#Richoffknowledge
14 days ago
Repost from @richoffknowledge_ - I’m not a financial advisor but I can say that I have become smarter with my money and saved way more than I use to. I make sure I PAY MYSELF FIRST everytime I get my pay check then pay my bills. I use to not understand what it meant to PAY MYSELF FIRST. I know for the longest it was hard for me to save. I had a spend mentality because I felt that I worked hard I deserve to buy this thing (Something that I didn’t need was just a want). I also use apps to save. I use an app called Qapital which makes things even easier. I’ve been using that for the longest. The money stacks up and you don’t even see it. If your not saving any money at all then it’s almost like your just doing volunteer work. Simply working ONLY to pay your bills. We can make excuses that we don’t get paid enough or my whole check goes to my bills but I guarantee that you can save something even if it’s just $5 I’m serious. I say all this because I’m speaking about my old habits. I’ve created new ones. Let’s stack our money up, turn our hustle up and stay Positive #2018UntilForever #Richoffknowledge
14 days ago
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