Half of the Golden Gate is enough for me.
5 minutes ago
There is beauty in simplicity 🌵❤️ #joshuatree #optoutside #wanderlustwednesday
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Apparently I'm a little late to the eclipse party...its been wonderful seeing all of the images coming through of what most people agree was a truly amazing experience!! This is a composite of several images of the valley during totality and then the sun at different positions in the sky during the eclipse. It was truly one of the craziest most beautiful things I've seen and to get to spend it in such a beautiful area was just awesome.
6 minutes ago
Waking up at 4am to dance around barefoot on a wooden boardwalk is often needed as a reminder that there are places in this world that are worth every second of your time. Science is a search for evidence that proves our concepts wrong, so go out and expand your mind. 📸: @srgio.brnl
6 hours ago
Solar eclipse adventures with the pup
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48 years ago
Monday morning coffee anyone? Photo by @nathanaelbillings. Use #campingofficial to be featured. Double tap and tag your friends Follow for more Camping contents 👉@camping_enjoy Here my bio link #camping #camping_enjoy #campingfun campingweekend #glamping #camping2017 #campingout #survival #arcteryx #camping⛺️ #campingground #roamtheplanet
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