Floating my own thing "he's not gonna do." #PowerOfSuggestion #HimToo #RussiaProbe
14 hours ago
Going to a party where there is a competition for best hot beverage, with prizes for taste, originality and presentation. We made Mueller'd (mulled) wine. Will we win? 🍷#robertmueller #russiaprobe #collusion #lockthemup
1 day ago
@speakerryan Do you even get that the INSANE amount of CORRUPTION and IMMORTALITY that THIS administration is SO SWALLOWED UP IN will NOT EVER BE ACCEPTED by the HONEST, LAWFUL, MORALLY GUIDED AMERICAN PUBLIC???!!! That DANGEROUS CLOWN @realdonaldtrump is in the PEOPLE’S HOUSE, he didn’t build it, he didn’t buy it, he won it with RUSSIA’S help!!! The “SWAMP” got a lot FILTHIER!!! #AmericaIsDisgraced #RussiaProbe #CorruptWhiteHouse #COLLUSION
3 days ago
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