I don’t if this has hit you guys but Sammy Watkins is only 24 and signed a three year deal with us, the future with Watkins could be very bright πŸ‘€ _______________________________________________________ #ChiefsKingdom #SammyWatkins #Clemson
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πŸ”₯WOW look at these grabs by @sammywatkins‼️ @patrickmahomes5 and his new toy are going to love connecting on some beautiful playsπŸ”₯ Comment⬇️Below ______________ πŸ€™follow for #fantasyadvice 🏈Tag a #chiefs fan
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This Chiefs offense is one that has endured a lot of change over the off-season! The departure of Alex Smith means it's time for the Mahomes era! I see him having a good year... the kid is extremely talented and this organization wouldn't have let Smith go if they weren't confident in his abilities. BUT he is a young quarterback and although it's his second year in the league he might as well be a rookie because he only started one regular season game all of last year. With that being said, I think in year one as the starter he may be a slight downgrade from Smith, who had a phenomenal year last year. This team also added Sammy Watkins who is a big upgrade over Albert Wilson and fits Mahomes gun slinging mentality. The thing that scares me most about this team is the departure of OC Matt Nagy. Reid is a capable coach but he was outclassed last year when he let Nagy take the reigns and this offense will take a step back without him. Travis Kelce should remain a big part of this offense though as most young QBs lean on their TEs and he happens to just be one of the best in the business. Expect the offense as a whole to take a step back but Kelce's numbers stay pretty steady compared to last year. He's currently going in the 3rd round which(as I've stated before) is too early for me to take a TE but is solid value for him. With all the changes he's a slight risk that early but Kelce has been one of the most dominant TEs over the past few years.
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Sammy Watkins has reportedly been returning kicks this offseason in OTA’s πŸ‘€ _______________________________________________________ #ChiefsKingdom #SammyWatkins #KR
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