Portrait study of @ronan.saoirse ,more details. Follow me @lunnavy for more.
2 days ago
Lady Bird (2017) directed by Greta Gerwig 💛
1 hour ago
// my current top 4 films \\ 1) Lady Bird (2017) 2) Nightcrawler (2014) 3) Birdman (2014) 4) Donnie Darko (2001)
2 hours ago
3 hours ago
Saoirse Una Ronan in the movie 'How I Live Now" In this movie her character was outstanding.(this next bit of writing will only spoil her character, not the movie) I believe her role was very difficult to achieve however she performed it perfectly in my opinion. Her character started off as a rude little brat that then grew more mature along with her responsibilities and you can really see the major change in her for the better. Also weird but every movie that I've seen with her is basically one of my favourites as I do love a good story to be a film🌻#saoirseronan #howilivenow#actress#movies
5 hours ago
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