With a little over a week until the Oscars, we’re reflecting on how one nominee pays tribute to Sacramento. Read what @slondon23 had to say about growing up in the “Midwest of California,” link in bio! • • • • #ladybird #ladybirdmovie #gretagerwig #oscars #academyawards #sacramento #california #westcoast #saoirseronan #norcal #moviebuff #homes #hometown #hometownpride
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My Aaaha moments. It’s clear by now that I like Lady Birds :) A beauty that takes my breath away. I can’t take my eyes off one, when I’m lucky to meet her, before she flies away. I treasure our majestic introduction and miss her free spirited glorious departure... Funny how my Lady Bird magical moments continue. Numerous times on vacations in far away lands, flying by, 5 times, keeping me company on the beach in Malahide. A welcome guest, Xmas time, resting on the sofa beside me, I missed the focus by rushing with one hand to use my mobile, when she journeyed along my hand. I never had a Lady Bird in my house until then, the season of goodwill. Or when one landed on the arm of a family member as we celebrated last July, Independence Day in Florida. And I can’t wait to see this movie, opening today in Ireland. Saoirse Ronan, a Carlow girl, like my own beautiful mother, who came up to Dublin as a young woman to spread her wings. Greta Gerwig captures the affecting relationship of mother & daughter that shapes us. Similar theme of my debut book, The Lady Bird Flies. New York Times #1 Best Selling Author Peggy McColl, read and wrote about my book last Dec, the same time a Lady Bird came visiting me. I’m so grateful. On Sunday, while crossing the pond, a travel peice caught my eye when I stood in line waiting for my daughter. Last night I supported a cause close to my heart, dress for success. Oprah Magazine & Talbots collaborating to help women live their best life. I bought the clutch bag. Dress For Success Dublin is partnering up to International Women’s Day, 8th March 18. Drop a dress to them and walk the walk with women. I will. Let the Lady Bird wonder continue ❤️🐞💙 @gerwiggreta #saoirseronan @martinmdirect @reesewitherspoon @oprahmagazine @oprah @talbotsofficial @busyphilipps @conniebritton @tanikaray @sophiabush @yvettenicolebrown @gayleking @sonyalennon @dressforsuccess @dfsdublin @peggymccoll @sheilacrowley #liveyourbestlife #womenhelpingwomen #giveconfidencehopestyle #talbotsxomag
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⭐️ BROOKLYN ⭐️ Ayer vi la mitad de esta peli en el cable y me gustó mucho ❤️ Una chica irlandesa se va a vivir a Nueva York en busca de nuevas oportunidades. La Esperanza de llegar a Un lugar y Como puedes encontrarte lejos de casa. Parece un poco lenta, contenida, pero tiene algo especial. Su protagonista 🙌 #saoirseronan también protagonista de la renombrada #ladybird #newyorkcity #brooklyn
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when i saw someome say call me by your name is pedophillia:
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his hair looks how it would look if i agressively shoved my hand through it plot twist: i aggressively shoved my hand through it
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theres something about him talking about that scene that makes me feel uNstOpPaBlE mmmmmm
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23/2/2018 年初八 下雨天 繼續潮濕 今晚 #LadyBird #不得鳥小姐 少女成長 對戀愛對性的期盼 想獨立 想自主 想更多的關心 反叛 對身邊種種的不滿 碰釘才覺唔誰是真正的朋友 家人對自己的愛 珍惜身邊看過的風景 愛父母為自己所起的名字 一套女性睇完會有更深體會的電影 感動 充滿愛的電影 非常好看 媽媽我愛妳 #GretaGerwig 自編自導 #SaoirseRonan #比利叔叔看電影
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timothée for LeMonde ✨
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LOVING VINCENT WINACTIE - Vanaf vandaag ligt @lovingvincentmovie in de schappen, een uniek project over het leven en de mysterieuze dood van #VincentvanGogh. Met dank aan @cineart_nl mogen wij zowel 2 #dvd áls 2 #Bluray exemplaren weggeven van deze eerste compleet geschilderde speelfilm ter wereld. Wil jij deze aan jouw collectie toevoegen? Ga dan naar de site, geef jouw eventuele voorkeur aan voor dvd óf Blu-ray en beantwoord de vraag. #winactie | #SaoirseRonan | #LovingVincent http://www.filmdomein.nl/prijsvraag/loving-vincent-winactie-he/
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Lady Bird by Greta Gerwig I have heard SO much about this movie prior to watching it. I thought it was going to be pretty boring especially because of the hype. But was I wrong. This movie shows perfectly the relationship of a 18 year old and her mother. It shows the life of someone figuring it all out and it does it wonderfully. I honestly don't have anything bad to say about it. #ladybird #moviereview #saoirseronan #gretagerwig
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