Happy 1st Burfday, Lucia!!!!! Sebastian had just the best time hanging out with you. We all love you! 🎂🎁🎉 #llcoolbae #thisishowiedoit #SebHans #OneYearOld #bdaygirl #BabysFirstBirthday #Snoopy #Peanuts #HappyGoLucky #StPatricksDay
9 hours ago
Sebastian: “What do you call this, grandma? I’m hungry.” #Jello #SebHans #BabyVsJello
5 days ago
Glückliche ELF Monate alt! Sebastian recently fought off bronchitis und a painful diaper rash but has been all smiles ever since. He walks a lot more and attempts to communicate with us via babbling and other various noises. He has a fifth tooth to use for eating, likes to play peekaboo, and loves to splash around in this new toy. It’s hard to believe he’s almost one. We love you, baby boy! #ElevenMonthsOld #SoFloWinter #SebHans
12 days ago
We are wearing red today in support of our friend, Heidi. She is nearly eight months old is having heart surgery today to repair a large VSD. Please be praying for: ~ peace for mom and dad ~ successful surgery ~ wisdom for doctors/nurses ~ zero complications with breathing tubes ~ no adverse reaction to pain meds ~ smooth recovery ❤️WE LOVE YOU, HEIDI!!!!❤️ #lovingHeidi #Trisomy18 #EveryLifeHasValue #AmericanHeartMonth #SebHans
19 days ago
What face is this: cry, fart, or sneeze? 🧐 #dinosaurboy #SebHans
21 days ago
When dad says there’s no more pancakes!? 🥞😨 #nofilter #SebHans
1 month ago
1 month ago
Glückliche Zehn Monate Alt!!!!!!!!!! It’s hard to believe our little guy is walking. Yes, you read right. He claps and babbles and gives us big wide-mouthed kisses! We just love that he is more and more active every day. #TenMonthsOld #Batman #SebHans
1 month ago
Thankful to be apart of this wedding and Congratulations Justin and Audrey! Enjoy the honeymoon 😜 #JonesintobeaFuller #TheBlackTux #SebHans #CCC
2 months ago
You see his four teeth? #SebHans #SummerTeeth
2 months ago
Shenanigans 👶🏼 #SebHans
2 months ago
Glückliche Neun Monate Alt (yesterday)! Sebastian isn’t walking yet but he knows to keep his hands at ‘ten-and-two’. When he’s not driving, he enjoys pulling himself up everywhere and on anyone he finds. He wants to walk so bad! His two bottom teeth have been joined by three others just breaking through his gums. We love you sooooo much, Stinker! #NineMonthsOld #SebHans
2 months ago
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