Well walker πŸ˜¨πŸ’€ #TheWalkingDead
7 minutes ago
On a more positive note! Here’s some holiday Carl. I think we all need some Holiday cheer right now, especially the Carl fandom. So whatever you celebrate, I hope it’s happy and fun. ☺️
16 minutes ago
The most beautiful smile is the smile of a person in the fight againt tears😊😊 @steveyeun @bigbaldhead #stevenyeun#normanreedus
22 minutes ago
Wow! πŸ’– Tag your friends connect for more. πŸ”₯ 🌻Follow us for more πŸ’– Via @twd_in_love . . . . .
36 minutes ago
AMC should show us Negan's life before the apocalypse so people can finally shut up and understand why Negan is simply Negan. Negan is a lonely guy but still so strong on a different way that's why he will always remain my number 1❀️ Carl gave him the feeling that he's not alone and now he's gone πŸ˜” Negan deserves better
43 minutes ago
My Girl πŸ’“ - - - - - @amcthewalkingdead @laurencohan @bigbaldhead @steveyeun @chandlerriggs5 @danaigurira @alannamasterson @kishserratos @thetpayne @therealsonequa @jeffreydeanmorgan @cudlitz @rossmarquand @kharypayton @realkatelynnacon
43 minutes ago
qotd : is it snowing by you? (yes)
50 minutes ago
β€” twd will never be the same without them
54 minutes ago
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