I still love this. Rich is adorable . . . . . . #supernatural #richardspeightjr #archangelgabriel #spnfamily #supernaturalfandom
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#supernatural ———— [ (1/10) tv shows; fangirl challenge ↠ picspam + facts ] ———— ✧ i really miss this show rn even tho s13 hasn’t gotten too crazy yet so it’s not like a huge cliff hanger or nothing ———— ✧ today was a long day so sorry for the late post i’m going to bed soon since i’m going over to my friend’s house tomorrow for an early x-mas party ———— ✧ i didn’t watch any shows tonight lmao i was just so tired and didn’t want to actually pay attention to the tv ———— q | how many siblings do you have? a | none i’m an only child ————
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