Annabelle: Creation (2017) Movie Review #annabellecreation #moviereview #jimbobtalksmovies. SPOILERS (You have been warned). Annabelle: Creation is directed by David Sanberg and is a prequel to 2014's disastrous Annabelle, but this movie is miles better in every shape or form. Character development is better, jump scares are better and the story is a lot more interesting than the first adaptation, this movie ties into the first Annabelle in a very fascinating way which made it even better. The first 30 minutes I think have too many jump scares which sort of take away the thrill of scares later on but I still found myself clinging onto a pillow while watching this movie. This movie is about a group of girls who come to live at the Muller's house (parents of Annabelle when she was alive), the main characters are Janice and Linda who are best friends and the evil entity takes over Janice's soul. There are great performances all round from the actors and I was surprised at how good Janice and Linda were as child actors. I was surprised when reading reviews on this movie about it being better than the first, I had hopes it would be better but I did not expect it to be this much better. Annabelle: Creation is a great horror film and the best I have seen since The Conjuring 2, it gets #8/10 from @JimbobTalksMovies. Cast #stephaniesigman #mirandaotto #anthonylapaglia #talithabateman #luluwilson. #annabellecreationjimbobtalksmovies
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The amazing Casts for The Bruce !😍😍 sooo excited for this! And look i saw queen @ttbate and @gabrielmichaelbateman ❤️
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Who wouldnt love this cutieeees?!?!?!😍😍 @emmarosekenney @ttbate and @gabrielmichaelbateman together💕
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This is me literally happy seeing queen @leah_angelica with queen @ttbate and king @gabrielmichaelbateman ❤️
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Can you explain why you are so beautiful? Why do you have that smile that you love so much? @ttbate ❤️😍👑 - - - - - #talithabateman #pretty #beautiful #cute #talithabatemanfanpage @leah_angelica 💓😙👑 @gabrielmichaelbateman 💓 @judah_bateman 💓
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Look who is preparing for The Bruce, well this is a throwback but lets take time examining queen @ttbate 's hair and just say that she has the most beautiful hair too😍😭
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For this queen right here!😍 Queen @ttbate i am your biggest proud fan ever living here in the Philippines💞💞
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Look who is soooo excited for The Bruce!😍😍 I cant wait and i am sooo ready for it!💕 @ttbate @gabrielmichaelbateman when will it come out? 2019?😍
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Beautiful my queen ❤️ @ttbate - - - - - - #pretty #talithabateman #beautiful #cute @leah_angelica 💓👑 @gabrielmichaelbateman 💓 @judah_bateman 💓
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