Join us tomorrow as we add momentum to healing those effected by sexual abuse with Author Amanda Adams. Amanda’s Book highlights the issues expressed by the #metoo movement founded by #taranaburke Sunday 3/18/18 9 AM EST. Dial in: 929-477-2476 Join the Discussion #thesangritaclub #amandaadams #booksbyamandaadams IG: @habitofwellness
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“This is a movement about supporting the most marginalized amongst us—but all survivors—to make sure they have the resources needed to craft their healing journeys.” Still marinating in the wisdom and thoughtfulness #TaranaBurke (#metoo founder) brought to Montgomery today. Alabama State University hosted their Distinguished Lecture Series and asked Ms. Burke (‘91 alumni) to be the guest speaker. In addition to discussing the conception of the #metoo movement, she shared how she learned to be an activist during her time in Alabama, the importance of intersectionality in violence prevention and survivor healing, and what we can do to name injustices and cultivate healing in our communities. #standwithsurvivors #alabamastateuniversity #distinguishedlectureseries
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The relationship between a director and director of photography is a joining of partnership. I value this relationship very much because I'm a very visual person and because the DP helps to forward the story as well as helps the viewer to emote the emotions of the character/actor which is so symbolic to me as a storyteller - I'm all about empathy. #femalefilmmakerfriday #thefutureisfemale #taranaburke #metoo #metoomovement #director #directorofphotography #cinematographer #cinematographersxx #ishapemyworld #bmonet #shesrevolutionary #levis #girlgaze
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Thank you @ay_ay_captain for having my back through every triumph and hiccup. It's so beautiful to me to make art with black women who are phenomenal and dope in every way! I appreciate your honesty, authenticity and courage at every helm. I don't think director's always give producers the credit they do rightfully deserve without the tireless efforts of producers, no film at any level can truly be made. Literally, could not have done this project w/o you - I thank you for everything you did both big and small, thank you, Ayana. ❤️❤️❤️#blackgirlmagic #producerlife #ishapemyworld #taranaburke #shesrevolutionary
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This picture beautifully captures our relationship - heartfelt, honest and true. Thank you for letting me tell just a fraction of your story @taranajaneen. So glad Ms. Joanne and @shawnj01 we're able to connect us! #shesrevolutionary #taranaburke #metoo #metoomovement
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Wonderful news for the Lansing/East Lansing area from our sister and comrade Tashmica. #metoo #taranaburke #communityhealing #thefirecrackerfoundation
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#tbt to hanging out with the amazing Tarana Burke, founder of the #metoo movement, at the @essence Black Women in Hollywood event. I totally geeked out when I met her! No offense to my actor/musician friends, but nothing impresses me as much as passion for a cause and the courage it takes to be on the front line of a movement. Thank you @taranajaneen for being so patient and lovely when I begged for a picture. You are the best, sister... 👊🏽 My braids are by @unique_dandridge. #taranaburke #essence #blackwomeninhollywood #ford #throwbackthursday #blackgirlmagic #style #braids #braidtwins
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“When you have a community issue, it has to be a community solution.” Feeling moved and inspired by the possibilities for #metoo and beyond. Let’s get to work @taranajaneen 💄💪🏾❤️ . . . #taranaburke #metoo #timesup #genderequality #hustlewithheart #community #activism #yeswecan
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Tarana Burke, founder of the Me Too movement speaks at Deutsch LA. 🙌🏻Never be afraid to speak your truth, and to those who know someone affected by a sexual crime, be a source of support and advocate to end these injustices #taranaburke
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Join us at the 9th Annual Celebration of Excellence soiree! Monday, May 7th @ 6:30 PM. Tix available now Video credit: @vividclicks . . Link in the bio!
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