Vieron que Taylor subió un nuevo vídeo de su nuevo disco de Navidad que hizo con Lara! No?? Y que estas esperando!! Ve corriendo a youtube y buscala como Taylor Davis! Además a partir de la otra semana haremos semana Taylor Navideña! Estaré subiendo pequeños vídeos de Taylor tocando canciones de Navidad 💜 Linda noche! #taylordavisviolin #taylor #taylordavislove #taylordavis #violin #violintay #violinist #follow4follow
2 hours ago
Holidays. Thank you @janthonygarnica for the beautiful photos and videos
2 hours ago
Day 122 of #100daysofpractice! When you get all of your friends to practice with you! 😄 I cannot believe how many of you entered my contest!! I was completely blown away and I seriously started to tear up seeing you guys put your all into playing my arrangement ❤️😭 I know I said I was going to pick one video, but I couldn't choose, and decided that since it's World Violin Day I should try to include as many of you as I could! I couldn't fit everyone unfortunately (there were so many!😱) but there will be more contests in the future! I'll also be sending a surprise to everyone who entered with a full video, so keep an eye out in your IG inbox! Thank you guys so much! This has meant the world to me! ❤️❤️❤️ 🎻It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas arr. for 2 violins by Chloé Trevor Featuring: @violinscreeches @samgolik @itssushisam @7thviolinist @ad0rabella @rjamesbond007 @sammyledermann @booboomce @donna.esra @rachel89214 @warrior_unicorn @clydemichael97 @matthew_hill_violin @ari_bina @kyraviolin @abrahammazat @holly_viola @beccsoh @leeannarussoviolin @alexdlamotte
3 hours ago
A l’occasion de la sortie du #DernierdesJedi voici une vidéo de @taylordavisviolin que j’avais fait l’année dernière lors de son concert en France. Thank you again Taylor for this lovely moment. Et demain je vais voir le film ! Et je porterais sûrement une coupe réalisé par @kayleymelissa ! I’ll try one of the hairstyle that you made recently. And my sister wants the one that Leia is wearing. I’ll post the picture tomorrow 😃 . . . #starwars #thelastjedi #kayleymelissa #taylordavis #darthvader #anakinskywalker #rey #daisyridley #markhammil #lukeskywalker
5 hours ago
Wrist push ups? Yeah. 🎻
5 hours ago
Finally finishing up this video :D :D :D
7 hours ago
Happy World Violin Day!! I'm just going to call it World Viol Day, or World Violin Family Day so that we can include all of the awesome stringed instruments 😋(I personally believe that's the point anyway) Can't wait to see all of the awesome posts you guys are making today whether it's violin, viola, cello, or bass!! Or octobass! You still have until 2 pm CST time today to enter my game! Check out my Instagram story for directions! 😋 I've loved watching your submissions so far! ❤️ 🎻Vivaldi: Concerto for 2 Violins RV522 - III. Allegro
9 hours ago
🔊 Tchaikovsky VC in D major ______________________________________________ Performed by: Alena Baeva ( @baevochka ) Conductor: Alexandre Bloch ______________________________________________ This movement really makes me cry,I wonder what Tchaikovsky thought when he wrote this mov. in some cases it might look easy to play, but giving this feeling to the audiences is not simple at all, however I think Ms.Baeva could do it. The music is not only about the techniques, sometimes giving the feelings which the composer meant is much more complicated than virtuosic pieces. ______________________________________________ Let me know what you think about this movement. #classical_violinists
12 hours ago
اوست ناروتو🎻العزف رهيب اسمعه دايما . ابي اتعلم على الكمااان 🙂🎻❤️. . . قناتها باليوتيوب (taylor davis ) . . . . #انمي #مانجا #عزف #كمان #اوتاكو #ناروتو #هنتر #ون_بيس #بليتش #اتاك_اون_تايتن #هجوم_العمالقة #دراغون_بول #anime #otaku ##hunterxhunter #manga #naruto #bleach #onepiece #dragonball #taylordavis
13 hours ago
When you can't decide what to practice.. 🤣 Day 121 of #100daysofpractice! 🎻Umm.. there are a lot of pieces.. I'm going to be lazy and not write them all out 😁
1 day ago
@taylordavisviolin loved watching you on @thepianoguys live stream today for #LightTheWorld the whole live stream was amazing! #taylordavis #violintay #thepianoguys
1 day ago
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