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Viola time ✨
6 hours ago
"So what have you been up to?" Me:
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Fit test for Urbosa! • The best thing about fit tests are that when things fall apart, you can fix them immediately and make them stronger! I also faced my fears today and put on the wig and boy, it was heavy, but lighter than I thought? I’m having second thoughts about using the adjustor straps though • On the last page, there’s a range of motion video which I conviently cut off before the Velcro on my left shoe came undone, lol. Warnings: My bare face is in it 😷 🎧: Gerudo Valley by @taylordavisviolin 📸: @ikaayce 😘
8 hours ago
It's an arranging kinda morning ✨🎶 #teamfinale #makemusic
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🔊 Partita No.2, BWV 1004, Chaconne, J.S.Bach __________________________________________________________ Performed by: Gil Shaham __________________________________________________________ Comment your idea about this performance.
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Sonsuzluğun içinde... Özgürce... "Can" kulağıyla dinle... . #NowWeAreFree #Gladiator #TaylorDavis . bilgi@saptamula.com adresinden ve 05072899792 05322555361 no.lu telefonlardan bize ulaşabilirsiniz. . #Saptamula #sistemikdizilim #familyconstellations #reiki #accessbars #karma #humandesign #yaşamtablosuokuma #lifedesign  #hipnoterapi #innerspeak #sesleşifa #accutonics
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#tbt - the final day of MAGFest 2013 - my first MAG! I've gone back every year since then and this week I booked the hotel for 2018 so I'm already starting to get into the MAG spirit! Nonstop music, games, and friends, it's such a magical place ✨
14 hours ago
#tbt 9.5 months pregnant and playing Mendellsohn with orchestra. Lord, what an experience! Also, just, well-it was an ultra orthodox orchestra and audience, and that's why I look so covered up. I get asked often to look a certain way when I go somewhere. I get surprised when I'm not asked to dress up!  I always say sure, as long as it's in the boundaries of modesty/decency- whether it's wearing a huge violin costume, or this. I don't think it matters. When you have a message, and someone says "we want to hear your music", you dress how they ask you to, because there are people who you are going to make happy out there, that you are going to inspire, that will come out believing in themselves and imagining possibilities for their own futures. I've spent a lot of time dressed like this in the past 2 months. It's why I haven't posted so much on Instagram-It doesn't feel like "me"-I have a look that I love, that i feel represents me-but in order to play beautiful music with an orchestra, I would wear literally anything that was asked from me. Oh, and my son was born 3 days later! #violin #violinistsofinstagram #playhomieplay #mendellsohn #violinconcerto #violinist #orchestra #frumlife
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Day 66 of #100daysofpractice! Still have tons of work to do and decisions to make for this part, but at least it's back in my fingers after 15 years 😂 🎻Ravel: Tzigane
23 hours ago
Getting into the Halloween spirit so thought I would throwback to last year's holiday video - Shifty Boo Mansion from Super Mario 3D World! Featuring @fieldofreeds on oboe and theremin 👻 Actually this was supposed to be for 2015 but I didn't finish it in time, oops 😂 I really like doing theme or holiday videos, they are so much fun!
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