The Commuter Time to kick my 2018 movies off with a Liam Neeson action movie. I’ll be honest with you, this movie doesn’t look good. It looks like another cheesy action flick, but Liam Neeson is the reason I’m seeing this movie. The guy has had his fair share of bad movies, but this is from the same guy who did Non-Stop. Non-Stop looked like a cheesy action movie, but it actually turned out to be good, I enjoyed most of it. I’m willing to give this movie a chance. I do find some cheesy action movies more enjoyable then the average movie goer cause I like action. Action movies are an easy to do but hard to pull off form of entertainment. I’m not expecting much from this movie, I’m just expecting to be entertained. So with that in mind let’s see what we have in store for us. A businessman is caught up in a criminal conspiracy during his daily commute home. I definitely got what the director was trying to do here, I just think he tried to do too much. This movie starts off simple enough, then once the main plot starts things get really out of hand. I was asking more questions then this movie was answering. Pretty much this movie sets up a bunch of rules for the main character to follow, if he doesn’t follow these rules his family dies, but the main character breaks a bunch of these rules in the second act and nothing happens. There were so many plot holes with this movie that I lost enjoyment by the third act. Also the more this movie goes on, the more insane this movie gets. I was able to find some enjoyment in the middle when the mystery aspect was still in play. So I can give this movie some credit for the second act, but that’s not much considering how confusing this movie can be. The Commuter tries to recapture the mystery aspect of Non-Stop, but the more information this movie adds to the plot the more confusing it is. Much like any other Liam Neeson action movie, he carries the whole movie. He plays Michael MacCauley who’s an ex cop who is taking the train home one day and he must find a suspect a woman is looking for or else people die. It’s easy to have sympathy for this character and he is likable and noble. Continued in Comments.
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“The Commuter” movie review by Screen Zealots #thecommuter #liamneeson
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January 21. #FMSPAD #fms_dayoff Just so happens to be this guys birthday on my day off. Movie #thecommuter and dinner #tuckersmarketplace Good times and lots of laughs. Next year his birthday will be a biggie. Looking good babe. Happy birthday. Love you xoxo #amateurphotographer #SamsungS6photo
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THE COMMUTER – 2018 STARS: 6/10 While I think it is fair to say that this is a film in which the action sequences and CGI actually serve the storyline rather than rule it, too much prevenance is still given to eye-candy visuals, resulting in an undeniably entertaining but both implausible and overdone ride on something as basic as a commuter train. The piece is exceptionally well edited and filmed though – or perhaps creatively is the more appropriate word, for the visuals are neither sweeping nor seamless, merely intriguing. Indeed the entire piece reeks of that same intrigue; that fascinating yet decidedly staged vibe that grabs you and draws you in, despite everything your heart and mind tells you. Yes, perhaps you can never be fully engrossed in a story that is so obviously fabricated, but you can certainly be entertained – and that is this film's main plus as far as I am concerned; the ability to hold an audience on an unemotionally connected level. Not unlike one of those cheap but addictive cops and robbers style shows one might see in the evening on television, "The Commuter" somehow manages – with, literally, a hundred suspects, a hundred questions and a virtual time bomb ticking away throughout – to be drawn out, predictable and ultimately unimpressive . . . yet still watchable; still something you would sit down to and not move on from. There is some part of all of us – perhaps – that relishes hours upon hours of unabashed improbability and even as you pretend disinterest in this piece I warrant you will find yourself coming back to that one fateful catch question: what would you do?
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My #TheCommuter sucked face. #Isaac and I both agree that it's the same #liamneeson movie we've seen 10 times just in a different setting. What a waste!
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My review of @thecommuterfilm is up on @letterboxd Quick thoughts: an intriguing thriller with some exciting twists and turns. #thecommuter #liamneeson #verafarmiga #patrickwilson #mystery #trains #action #filmreview #filmblog #reelnerd #thereelblog
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So many great films to see, including Maze Runner: The Death Cure and Liam Neeson in The Commuter! What are you doing to see this week?! #MazeRunner #TheDeathCure #TheCommuter
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