Deux extraits pour The Foreigner qui sortira le 8 Novembre sur nos écrans : #Cinéma #Extrait #TheForeigner #MartinCampbell #JackieChan #PierceBrosnan
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The Foreigner, a humbled business man with a buried past seeks justice when his daughter is killed in an act of terrorism. This film comes to us from Martin Campbell, the director of GoldenEye, Casino Royale, The Mask of Zorro, and the cinematic masterpiece known as Green Lantern (I’m kidding), and marks the return of legendary action star Jackie Chan to the big screen. I would like to emphasize that this movie, while featuring great action sequences, is definitely more of a political thriller than a straight up action-revenge film. I think the trailers are a little misleading in that regard. I am happy to say that The Foreigner is a very enjoyable political thriller that features two great performances from Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan and kept me intrigued from start to finish. The film features a screenplay adapted by David Marconi from the book “The Chinaman” written by Stephen Leather filled with excellent tense dialogue that, as the film progresses, peels away the layers of these characters to reveal their dark pass and how they are still haunting them in the present. Each action scene was intense and put all of Jackie Chan’s skills and talents as a martial artist, even at the not-so-spry age of 63, on full display. The Foreigner overall is a well-acted, well-directed and well-written political thriller that features two great lead performances and a tense story that had me engaged from start to finish. The Foreigner gets a 3.5/5. #theforeigner #jackiechan #piercebrosnan #martincampbell #filmreview #filmcritique #filmcritic
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The Foreigner is a MUST SEE 🎥!!!!! My new favorite.. wowwww! Jackie is a legend. 💖Make time to go see it, and bring tissues for your tears. #theforeigner #jackiechan #ireallylovedthisfilm #criedawholebunch #wortheverypenny #worththedrive
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Loved watching Jackie Chan’s #theforeigner 😎
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Watching #TheForeigner chilling
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The man @jackiechan Power Slamming me... #tbt #ThisManGotMeIntoStunts #theforeigner #legend
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VIEWS FROM THE VISTA #107: “The Foreigner" Our guest canceled five minutes before we started recording so you're stuck with just the three of us. SORRY. "The Foreigner" was billed as some Jackie Chan dramatic revenge piece but instead was primarily an IRA-political thriller with Pierce Brosnan as the actual lead. Discussing this average film somehow divulged into Honor and I arguing about an ethical "dilemma" of sorts in the movie as Steve was too sick to stop us. Recent movies like "'71" and "Shadow Dancer" seemed to scrape the edges of the IRA/Britain conflict so "The Foreigner" doesn't really add much to the canon beyond taking place in contemporary times and having a subplot that holds little effect on the actual events of the movie. If any of you saw the movie and can explain the "code word" plot point please chime in. Most of all, "The Foreigner" made me miss BBC's "The Fall" due to the Ireland location and wish a fourth season was on the horizon. #linkinbio #theforeigner #viewsfromthevista
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