Sorry i haven’t been posting, it’s been a long few weeks • #sadiesink #madmax #maxmayfield #strangerthings #strangerthings2 #theglasscastle #annie
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#shithousememoir “I finally make it in through security and follow a popcorn corridor. Click, clack, click, clack stomp the soles on the tile. Echoes of voices beyond the walls bounce like a plastic ball from the corner store. And we march just like them. Are we free? Because we pay a price for even knowing their names or being handed a gene we never even asked for. We are buzzed into a door with bars and oily fingerprints smudged across the glass. Herringbone pattern on the metal just in case someone tries to slip through. No one is that skinny. Not even me. I am no origami. I am real. I think. Or maybe I have gotten all of my stories wrong. Maybe I am not true? Fifteen or so long plastic tables line up like a high school cafeteria. Generals in big boots and guards with whipping wands and wardens lurk around the graffitied benches. There is no lunch lady in here. I untether my braid slowly. My hair unravels into swirley soft serve. A wavy, curvy coil. A chocolate rivulet. Who was that hair for? I don’t think any of it was ever for me. All fifty gentlemen prisoners, in their yellows and oranges and blues, slowly step in. They limp and flop and bob around the guards with their droopy pistols. Every single one of them give me their “fuck me” eyes. I take them willingly. A stupid baby bird. I know nothing. I am a loveless body. No one showed me how to be a queen. I know that now. And I say, “Hello.Hello.Hello.Hello,” to their quivering pupils. The little black holes in their eyes dart around like bats. I am the trailer park princess inside this frosted white room. Their eyes were my crown. Their whistles my coronation. It was like a speed dating game in there just for me and fifty other men just like my Dad. Men who rob banks. Men who rape women. Men who lie and steal. Men whom I thought were the only ones capable of loving me. Men who felt just as familiar as my father. Not familiar at all. Just because we share blood doesn’t mean we know them.”. #shithousememoir
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Perfect afternoon for reading. I sometimes read on my iPad. But mostly physical books. #theglasscastle #jeannettewalls #reading #ebook #readingisthebest #book #afternoon #happyplace #memoir #glasses #ZacPosen @zacposen
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I don’t know if I like this or not because the transitions aren’t really working and the quality got ruined 😂 This song came out last night and I really love it! Dt: Sadie fans ❤️
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If this isn’t the cutest AU ever c: lydiawhxeler (super underrated!)
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Фильм дня от #RLGN 🎥 🍿 для тех, кто решил, что тусы это не для него или просто тебя кинули в этот пятничный вечер, включай мега волшебный фильм «Стеклянный замок» #TheGlassCastle 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎 Фильм рассказывает историю необычной американской семьи. В принципе, если формально, то как бы ничего радикально нового: дети в семье «асоциальных элементов»… Фильмов на подобную тему не так уж и мало. Но этот фильм существенно отличается от подобных картин. Обычно такие асоциальные родители — люди, прямо скажем, мало привлекательные. Ну, и как бы всё ясно: бедные детки… И всё такое. Здесь же перед нами несколько иная история. Очень личная на самом деле, потому что сюжет этого фильма основан на реальных событиях. В основе сюжета — детские воспоминания известной американской журналистки Джаннетт Уоллс. В центре сюжета — сложные взаимоотношения дочери и отца. Отец главной героини — натура незаурядная и яркая, хотя и весьма противоречивая… Такой человек, наверное, мог бы добиться многого в этой жизни, но он осознанно выбирает для себя путь асоциала-кочевника, без гроша в кармане и без постоянной крыши над головой, и такой его выбор становится судьбой и для всей его семьи: жены и четырёх его детей. . p.s. основано на реальных событиях...
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Ok everything’s about finn and his water but have u seen Sadie bruh who looks THAT good drinking water
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Recently picked this book up on my last trip to Barnes&Nobles and haven’t been able to put it down since. Highly recommend reading👍🏻📖#theglasscastle #goodreads#highlyrecommend #books
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On the set of The Glass Castle, amazing true story by @jeannette_walls with an incredible cast #theglasscastle #ellaanderson #woodyharrelson #naomiwatts #brielarson #destindanielcretton @jgnstills
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The Glass Castle/ book by Jeannette Walls📚 what doesn't kill you definitely leaves a scar. #quotes #quotesaboutlife #bookquotes #books #theglasscastle #jeannettewalls #lifeexperience #deepbook #deepquotes
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The Glass Castle/ book by Jeannette Walls📚 what doesn't kill you definitely leaves a scar. #quotes #quotesaboutlife #bookquotes #books #theglasscastle #jeannettewalls #lifeexperience #deepbook #deepquotes
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