Three books. Different people, similar stories of living in poverty, parents' addiction & struggles yet resilient, courageous, and winners in life despite the adversities they faced.....A pastor once said, "it's not your fault if you were born poor; but it's your fault if you die poor." Coz we all have options... .. it's all up to us... This again reminded me of my father's gambling addiction, how he would prioritize his gambling over food for family. How my mother would asked me to fetch my father before money is gone from his gambling spree. And as always my father would stay until his pocket is empty... There's one particular story in #theglasscastle that happened in my life as well. But I'm not ready to share it yet! I'm too embarrassed to admit that I did it. I was actually shocked when I read it. I told myself, I thought I was the meanest child but look there's another one. I'm not alone! 🤣😂 #nonfiction #books
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Done reading. #theglasscastle .... A story that is comparable to Angela's Ashes and Liz Murray's life! #nonfiction #books #memoirs
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this is so cute♡♡ ~~ @sadiesink_ [#sadiesink #strangerthings2 #madmax #theglasscastle ]
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Reading this novel over again. Brings back nostalgic feelings from 2012 #novel #book #booklover #theglasscastle
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#Repost @allthings_naomiwatts (@get_repost) ・・・ Cheers to the freakin’ weekend! (I’ll drink to that) 🍹🥂🍻 #naomiwatts #teamwatts #allthingsnaomiwatts #baeomiwatts #slayomiwatts #wattsfall2017 #gypsy #theglasscastle #susansarandon #thelmaandlouise #bravo
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Desde que vi el tráiler, me emocioné muchísimo con esta historia y dije: aquí puede estar una de las mejores del año. Ayer la vi en su primer fin de semana de estreno en Cine Colombia Buenavista y puedo decir que cumplió al 💯 mis expectativas. La recomiendo mucho para aquellas personas que aman ver películas basadas en la vida real donde el drama, la alegría y la tristeza se conjugan y se consigue un excelente resultado. ¡Maravillosas actuaciones! Espero ver nominaciones al Oscar para The Glass Castle (@glasscastlefilm) 😭😍
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We have our first book - The Glass Castle! I am so excited to read this alongside each of you. If you're still weary about joining the group - check out the book reviews. I can't wait to start it! #edmondbookies #edmond #bookclub #theglasscastle
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Hey, you! Yes, I mean you. Are you looking for an incredibly sad and moving story about a young girl and her siblings trying to survive horrible circumstances and neglectful guardians? No, I’m not talking about A Series of Unfortunate Events, I’m talking about The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. • Y’all, I didn’t even realize how much The Glass Castle had in common with ASoUE until that joke, but the worst part is that Jeannette’s story is completely true. I honestly cannot figure out how she and her siblings survived, let along became functional adults. This is truly one of the saddest yet most fascinating stories I’ve ever read, and I couldn’t help but be grateful for the love and guidance my parents have always given me the entire time I was reading. • Have you read or seen The Glass Castle? If so, what did you think? What’s the saddest book you’ve ever read? Let me know! • • • #bookishwackyholidays: Babbling Day - A Book You Can’t a Stop Talking About • • • #bookstagramchallenge #bookstagram #stmetcalfe #erinthebookdragon #thebeautyofreading #righthemisphere20 #babblingday #abookyoucantstoptalkingabout #theglasscastle #jeannettewalls #asoue #memoir #nonfiction #childabuse #sadstory #ilovemyparents
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