Happy 63rd birthday 2 #BruceWillis 🎂 #TheSavageRoom #Savage
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(swipe 👈🏽 4 more) Happy 36th birthday 2 @yandysmith 🎂🕯️🎉🎈🎁🍰 #Yandy #YandySmith #YandySmithHarris #TheSavageRoom #Savage
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(swipe 👈🏽 4 more) #Logic and his wife of two years #JessicaAndrea have reportedly called it quits. The 28-year-old rapper, best known for his song “#18002738255,” has split from his social media famous spouse, according to TMZ. Though the couple has not yet filed for divorce, a reconciliation “does not seem likely,” the outlet reported. Reps for Logic — né #RobertBrysonHallII — and #Andrea did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment. Logic and Andrea, who no longer follows him on #Instagram, were last pictured together in January at the #GrammyAwards, where he was twice-nominated. (Logic still follows Andrea on Instagram and #Twitter.) The pair wed in October 2015 after two years of dating. In February, Logic talked about his wife to GQ while sharing details about his first-ever tattoo that reads: “#Happywifehappylife.” “That s— is real. I actually got it before I got married. I just knew,” he said. “I loved the woman that I was with and I felt really good about that because as much success as you can have, or money and financially being stable, amassing fans, millions of people know who you are, it is all nothing without having someone to share it with.” Back in May 2017, Logic told Billboard that he hoped to have three children with Andrea. The rapper’s latest album, #BobbyTarantinoII, was released March 9, while his #TheBobbyTarantinovsEverybodyTour will kick off June 8 in #Boston. #TheSavageRoom #Savage
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😭😭😭 #Migos drop the visuals 4 their single #WalkItLikeITalkIt ft. #Drake yest on their #MIGOSVEVO channel on #Youtube 🔥🔥🔥 #TheSavageRoom #Savage
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(swipe 👈🏽 4 more) #BlueIvyCarter bidding onna art piece n #JayZ tryna make sure she don't wild out 😭😭😭 n #Beyonce accepting her humanitarian award 4 the #2ndAnnualWearableArtGala 👏🏽 #BlueIvy #Blue #Beyoncé #TheSavageRoom #Savage
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(via people.com) (swipe 👈🏽 4 more) The family that dresses like royalty together, stays together. #Beyoncé, #JAYZ and #BlueIvyCarter attended the #2ndAnnualWearableArtGala in #LosAngeles on Saturday before the pop icon was awarded a humanitarian award by her mother, #TinaKnowlesLawson — and #Blue did some bidding on behalf of her famous parents. The “#Halo” singer, 36, and her 6-year-old daughter wore matching gold dresses when they appeared at the #AlexandriaBallroom ahead of the event hosted by the #WACOTheaterCenter. Beyoncé’s dress — a custom piece by design house #FalguniShanePeacock, according to Women’s Wear Daily — was see-through with gold embellishments that led to a gold furled train, while #BlueIvy appeared joyful in a tiny gold dress with poofy skirt and matching gold wig, with both looks captured by other attendees and shared on social media. Accompanying them both was JAY-Z in a dark suit and white button-down shirt. Blue held her paddle high and bid $17,000 on an acyclic painting of #SidneyPoitier during the event’s live auction, emceed by #StarJones, according to Vanity Fair. Despite JAY-Z jokingly trying to snatch the paddle from his daughter, she bid again when the item’s asking price shot up to $19,000, the outlet reported. However, director #TylerPerry beat out the bid and won the art piece for $20,000, Vanity Fair said. Vanity Fair reported the little girl successfully bid on the next artwork up for auction, though, winning a piece by #SamuelLeviJones, for $10,000. The event was attended by several stars including the singer’s step-sister and actress #BiancaLawson#GetOut’s #LilRelHowery, #Magic and #CookieJohnson, and JAY-Z’s mother, #GloriaCarter, who was also honored at the event alongside her daughter-in-law. #KnowlesLawson, who co-founded the #WACOTheater with husband #RichardLawson, told PEOPLE she was thrilled to recognize her daughter and her humanitarian achievements among close friends. #Beyonce #TheSavageRoom #Savage
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(swipe 👈🏽 4 more) #Kimbella ridn 4 her man #JuelzSantana 💪🏽 #TheSavageRoom #Savage
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#VivicaAFox writes that she had no intention of discussing her relationship with #50Cent in her upcoming self-help book “#EveryDayImHustling,” but felt compelled to since the “#InDaClub” rapper has reportedly invented stories about her repeatedly. The 53-year-old “#Empire” star (inset) says #Fitty wooed her and they had amazing chemistry although he was more focused on his career than on sex. “Most of the time, I would be the one initiating sex, because I really enjoyed making love with him,” writes #Fox, who also describes their sessions as PG-13 but “cherished and special.” Fox later found out that the rapper had been ready to propose to her during a trip to #Monaco, where the pair was taking part in the #WorldMusicAwards in 2003. Fitty had planned to rent out a theater in #MonteCarlo, show a print of “#KillBillVol1” — in which she starred — and then propose at the end with a 14-carat diamond ring. He nixed it when he felt Fox had hogged the spotlight by signing as the show’s host. The “#SetItOff” star hints that #UmaThurman and #DarylHannah may have not got along on the set of #QuentinTarantino#KillBill,” writing that #Thurman was under pressure as the movie rested on her shoulders. “She was so busy, and then her and #Daryl had that blonde competition thing going on,” Fox writes, noting that she refused to get pulled into the drama and declined to take sides. One day, #Tarantino berated the leading ladies — who also included #LucyLiu — and Fox lost her temper. Thurman calmed her down by explaining that was the way the “#PulpFiction” director worked and warned her: “Learn to attack intelligently, #Vivica. Because he’s got the power to fire you.” Fox also writes about her big break in 1996’s blockbuster “#IndependenceDay” opposite #WillSmith. At the premiere, director #RolandEmmerich revealed that if Fox hadn’t done a good job on the first day of filming, she was to be unceremoniously fired. The book is peppered with life lessons and chapter headings like “#KnockonSuccesssDoor, #HoneyHellKickItin” and “#TheDevilIsFine and Thats How He Gets You.” It comes out April 3. #TheSavageRoom #Savage
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On repeat 🔥🔥🔥 this my shit #LilDicky ft. #ChrisBrown - #FreakyFriday.. catch the video in it's entirety on the Lil Dicky channel on #Youtube n cop or stream it wherever u cop or stream new music from #TheSavageRoom #Savage
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(swipe 👈🏽 4 more) Who's got bars? We'll all see because #FreestyleFriday is back with a new look, feel and mind-blowing #MC's that are ready to brings bars back! FREESTYLE FRIDAYS ARE BACK! BET NETWORKS AND YOUTUBE ARE LAUNCHING THE ULTIMATE GLOBAL SEARCH FOR TODAY’S HOTTEST MC WITH  THE INTERACTVE VIDEO UPLOAD CONTEST #FreestyleFridayBET #NEWYORK – March 16, 2018 –  Freestyle Fridays are back on BET! Starting today, in partnership with YouTube, BET is launching #FreestyleFridayBET the ultimate video-upload contest seeking out the best undiscovered MCs around the world. Staying true to its roots from 106 & PARK the contest challenges MCs across the globe to show off their best rhymes!  To qualify for entry rappers will need to first subscribe to the BET Networks YouTube channel and second post a video of themselves rapping that is tagged with the #FreestyleFridayBET hashtag. For more information about this one-of-a-lifetime contest go to BET.com/freestylefridaybet. In a non-stop livestream face-off at the YouTube studios in four major cities New York, #Toronto, #London and #LosAngeles, rappers will pick from three beats at random to show off their lyrical skills in 60 seconds or less. A finalist from each city will be selected by esteemed radio DJs from across the nation who will cast their digital ballot for their top ten. The hottest rapper that receives the most #1 rankings from the DJs will be the official winner of the #FreestyleFridayBET competition in their city. The four winning finalists from each city will be flown to #LA to take part in a rap battle that will be judged by a panel of celebrity judges at the #FanFest main stage at the BET Experience. The winner of the battle will earn the opportunity to be the opening act for the BET Experience #hiphop show at the #StapleCenter on June 23. Check out the official #FreestyleFridayBET cities and dates for the livestreams below: · New York—Friday, March 30 – Hosted by #SiriusXM radio personality & rapper #Torae · Toronto—Friday, April 27 · London—Friday, May 18 · Los Angeles—Friday, June 15 Additional hosts, show surprises and more to be announced in the coming weeks. #TheSavageRoom #Savage
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(swipe 👈🏽 4 more) 😭😭😭😭 Yeoooo.. the security guard recognized him n tried 2 block that #BoonkGang shit but #Boonk finessed the lady n convinced her they were tryna eat n peace n still wound up #Boonking 🤦🏽‍♂️ Even called them racist 🤣🤣🤣 Security guard was right the whole damn time.. he deserves a raise with his flashlight ass 😂 #WholeLottaGangShit #NahSaying #TheSavageRoom #Savage
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