This year has been without a doubt one of the greatest professional accomplishments of my life. I was blessed to have the incredible opportunity of working with not one, but two @mlb teams. The @redsox (2nd year) and the @dbacks. The #ArizonaDiamondbacks went from 69-93 last year to finishing this year at 93-69, 2nd to the LA Dodgers and winning the NL Wild Card Game. What #MikeHazen and #TorreyLovullo we’re able to accomplish is nothing short of miraculous. I’m honored to have been able to touch the team with the Froglogic Concepts. This year my role with the @redsox grew to include working with the team during the regular season and for the playoffs. The #RedSox won the AL East for the 2nd year in a row. These men are young and gritty and have all the makings for a phenomenal team. Proud to know all of you gents. I want to also thank the President of Baseball Ops #DaveDombroski and former manager #JohnFarrell for having so much confidence in my affecting the players individually and as the team as a whole. I’ve learned so much from all of you and pray that the wisdom I’ve shared with you will in some way improve not only your professional lives but more importantly your personal lives. God bless all of you. Thank you. Your humble servant Instructor Rut. HOOYAH OOOOUUUUTTTT #froglogicperformancecoaching #NeverQuit #dreamsdocometrue
5 months ago