Decided to bring the GoPro out for a quick In-N-Out burger on a burned down building. #jibs #bmx #tubbsfire #california
3 hours ago
This is one of the last pictures taken in my backyard, before the fires destroyed our home along with 4500 structures and homes, in the Northern California fires in Oct. 2017. #tubbsfire I am reminded that we are all warriors, fiercely in charge of our own destiny. Focus on the future - not what’s left behind. #yogaeverydamnday #virabhadrasana2 #focusonthegood
14 hours ago
We are so thankful for getting to sneak a last tasting in at @paradiseridgewinery. We wanted to support them as they lost their vineyard and winery to the #tubbsfire. Brooke took such great care of us! If you want to show support, visit them in Kenwood or order some wine! #sonomastrong #wineweekend
15 hours ago
Weekend vibes ✌🏼❤️ 📷 @emmakmorris
22 hours ago
Brian Rector inspecting an old growth redwood in Napa county. This tree was badly burned during the fires but is showing signs of new growth. . .Photo Credit: @rise117 .
22 hours ago
The devastation of the #tubbsfire is overwhelming. It’s hard to imagine what these people went through as they were woken up at 2 in the morning to face a wall of flames. But from the destruction can come beauty. I salvaged this Walnut tree to be milled for tables. I love the idea that victims of this fire may one day have a table in their new home from the trees that were consumed in the disaster. #northbayfires #winecountryfires #walnut #diningtable #napa #urbanlumber #liveedge
1 day ago
Somehow someone found my father’s old plane on an instagram account. I don’t know how to express my feelings of seeing #n8182z I grew up with this beast. It is what look Logan on his first flight and got his foot in the door to become the commercial pilot he is today. It’s sad to see, it’s happy to see. Look at this amazing photo. I wanted to cry thinking of all the fun we had. All the photos I will never see again. My father had a photo of my sister and I in our car seats sleeping in this plane and it sat on his desk in our house. With no photos for memory seeing this makes me happy. One thing really survived and is obviously still having amazing adventures. Thank you to whoever has our old #Cessna (I don’t own this photo, just want to share and express my feelings) #thankyou #sonomastrong #wildfire #santarosa #airplane #backcountrypilot #memories #tubbsfire #childhood #pilot
2 days ago
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