Jibooty Definition - The wonderful thing that exists that is Jimin Park's ass. Discovered during the "War of Hormone Era" in those tight, red pants and suspenders. I mean...I'm not gonna argue. Have y'all seen the Jibooty? #BTS #TwitterPoll #Jimin #ParkJimin #Jibooty
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Twitter Poll Results: Bitcoin Fever This week I asked how you felt about the recent spike in the value of Bitcoin that generated global interest in the cryptocurrency over the past few days. I asked specifically if this surge of activity and buzz in the news has got you thinking about getting in involved with Bitcoin yourself. 1⃣ 😀 I already own Bitcoin 46% 2⃣ 🙅🏻‍♂ No, it’s too risky! 37% 3⃣ 😕 Yes, but not sure how. 13% 4⃣ 🤔 Maybe if it stabilises. 4% Surprisingly, almost half of the respondents already owned some Bitcoin and only 4% said they’d consider buying some Bitcoin if the fluctuating value stabilised at some point. Perhaps unsurprisingly, almost half of you said that you feel it is too risky to get involved with. The remaining 13% said that they weren’t sure how to get started. So I supplied a few tips and pointers on how to start using Bitcoin. There are essentially three simple steps: 1. Sign up for a Bitcoin Wallet (free online service). 2. Connect it to your online bank account. 3. Transfer money to your Bitcoin Wallet. There was another group that I had overlooked. These are those who would like to buy some Bitcoin but thought that it was too expensive and therefore couldn’t afford it. This misunderstanding is perhaps caused by the analogy to physical cash with the term “coin”, and that a single Bitcoin must be the lowest denomination. As a single Bitcoin is now worth around US$17 000 some may think that that is the entry point. The truth is that you don’t have to buy a whole Bitcoin to get started, instead you can jump in with as little as $5, which will get you 0.000298 of a Bitcoin. Thanks to all who participated. Stay tuned for another poll next Monday morning! ___________________________________________ 💚Tag a friend 💚Repost & share if you like 💚Follow @vintuitive on Twitter
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Head over to our twitter poll (https://twitter.com/cmbs_uk/status/940492305965953024) to vote for your favourite treat to make an appearance at the Christmas Cracker 5k with @sportingeventsuk on Sunday. #brownie #millionaireshortbread #running #twitterpoll #CMBs
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Its time we realize our differences and make love with the one we love.. Lets vote and let the truth be known. ⠀ Vote Here: https://twitter.com/KinkpinI/status/940491305108434945?s=17 #Kinky #Love #Difference #QuesionsForNewIndia #Kinkpin #poll #vote #voteno #twitterpoll
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Bitcoin has been all over the news for the past week as it’s value escalated rapidly rising from US$10,875 at the beginning of the week to US$16,660 at it’s peak on Thursday. At the beginning of the year though, the value of Bitcoin was at just US$966. When I first got involved a couple of years ago the value was just $260 a Bitcoin! All this buzz has created quite a stir with many jumping onboard hoping to make some financial gain from the spike in value. But is it too late to make a profit from Bitcoin investments? Has it already peaked? Some in the FinTech (financial technology) sector are expecting the value of Bitcoin could go as high US$60,000! Popular gaming platform Steam shut off Bitcoin as a means of payment due to the rapid increase in value, stating that it is too volatile a currency at the moment. Will Steam reintroduce Bitcoin as a payment option once the value settles? As I mentioned on Twitter last week, after the first Bitcoin spike I cashed out most of my Bitcoin and only had a few dollars left in the account. When the value rapidly excavated last week I checked into my Bitcoin wallet and was pleasantly surprised to learn that these few dollars had turned into almost half a thousand dollars! Has this recently spike in value of Bitcoin got you interested in investing in Bitcoin? Are you more interested in using Bitcoin as a currency and are perhaps waiting for some stability to return? Perhaps you have already invested in Bitcoin and have already made a pretty profit? Head over to the Twitter poll (link in bio) and tell us how you feel about Bitcoin. ___________________________________________ 💚Tag a friend 💚Repost & share if you like 💚Follow @vintuitive on Twitter
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In the latest Goodie Bag, (mgtpodcast.com/listen) we found out the Chris backed Highlander was victorious in the home tree twitter poll for Ep. 35. Sadly, Chris realized too late there can be only one. The new poll for Ep. 36 is up if you want to vote on our pinned tweet on twitter (@mgtpodcast)
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The results of the Christmas Twitter poll! #LetsTalkAboutStuff #christmas #poll #vote #votes #voting #twitter #twitterpoll
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Please join our #twitterpoll for today’s #socialadvent Day 6 challenge. Twitter @UrsulinePrep
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