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As a last photo for my takeover here at @universetoday, I want to share a photo from my home, my beloved Tuscany! For those who missed the last two posts, I am @leonardo.papera , a landscape photographer based in the north of Tuscany. The photo is a vertorama of two shots, the first made during the first lights of the day (twilight) to avoid the movement of the flowers at medium ISO (320), some seconds of exposure and f/5.6 to have an acceptable depth of field; the other one is made something like 15 minutes earlier with an astrotracker to lower the ISO and so the noise in the shot at ISO 800, 3 minutes of exposure and f/2.8. If you would ever want to make a tour in this fabulous land, don't hesitate to contact me at @tuscanyphotographytours ; I promise you won't regret! #astronomy #astrophotography #astrophotos #astro #nightsky #milkyway #galaxy #universe #cosmos #longexposure #nature #landscape #night #sky #beautiful #space #nightimages #stars #science Want to be featured? Use the hashtag #universetoday or tag @universetoday and we'll check out your pictures.
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Pretty proud of this shot, not for nailing the composition or getting the exposure just right (because I did neither of those...😓). If you look closely at my feet (not that I'm really encouraging that, btw) you'll see my heel is raised up. There was a mysteriously moist shirt (I hope it was a shirt) that I happened to step on as I was getting into position for the shot. I was initially pretty grossed out by this soggy surprise but managed to gain my composure and keep still for the remainder of the shot 🏆. So moral of the story is always check your areas before you start the self timer cuz honestly part of me woulda rather stepped on a rusty nail. Oh, and make sure you are cleaning up after yourself because leaving disgustingly damp clothing around for innocent people to step on is not cool. | @Nikonusa D750 @Rokinon 14mm f2.8 2 shot pano 30sec f2.8 iso3200 • • • • • #nikkor #nikonphotography #nikon📷 #nikonusa #nightscaper #igs_world #natureromantix #longexpohunter #ig_great_shots #ig_great_pics #navarrebeach #pensacola #fantastic_universe #worldbestgram #explorers #bestbeaches #wideangle #jaw_dropping_shots #nightphoto #longexposure #destin #global_hotshotz #bestbeaches #ig_astrophotography #astrophotography #nightcrawlers #fullframe #natgeospace #universetoday #astrophoto
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Thought I'd go galactic tonight.  This is the heart of out own Milky Way galaxy showing the great star clouds of Sagittarius and Ophiuchus.  Centered in the field is the a large dark nebula called the Pipe Nebula or if you look at it on its side, The Prancing Horse Nebula.  Dark nebulae are regions of interstellar dust blocking the light from the stars beyond. #nightpics #astrophotography #astro_photography #longexposure #longexpohunter #longexpo #amazing_longexpo #milkyway #nightsky #nightscaper #nightscape #universetoday #milkywaychasers #newmilkyway #nightshooterz  #nightphotography #astrophotography_hd #nebula #galaxy #astronomypicturesdaily
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08 Oct, 2017. Galactic Owl’s Eyes 🦅 Australia’s indigenous peoples are very well regarded for their astronomical history and knowledge and for how they integrated that knowledge into their culture, hunting, navigation and lore. The “Galactic Emu” is probably the best-known of the night sky features used by our aborigines. Follow a New Zealand nightscape photographer on Instagram, Facebook or on the wider web and you’ll see mention of the “Galactic Kiwi”, an asterism that honestly does look like a giant Kiwi bird in the sky reminding Australians that our smaller neighbour is there looking over us for a large part of the year. 🦉 I’m adding a new heavenly bird to the flock today with my post of the Galactic Owl’s Eyes. It’s only been a few days since I posted my “Eye of God” photo to Instagram and Facebook, I know, but after posting this new two-eyed version to some Facebook groups I saw how well it was received so am posting here for you. As I noted in the original “Eye of God” post this is a stitched image made up from 150 single photos. To create it I set my camera on a Nodal Ninja panoramic mount and took 360 degrees’ worth of photos then tilted the mount up some and took another full circle of shots. This was repeated until I had covered the whole sky. 🌌 The stitching software that I use has many options for creating a panorama and the “Little Planet” projection is one that I’ve very rarely used. The black circle in the centre, resulting from not taking photos below the horizon line, looked so much like the pupil of an eye that I decided to take the plunge and post the original one-eyed version. Duplicating that original image as a layer in Photoshop then flipping the new one horizontally took very little time and produced the two-eyed version. 📷 Each image was captured with a Canon EOS 6D, Rokinon 24mm @ f/2.4, 15 sec @ ISO 6400. # plz double tab if you love it . . via @nightscapades . . .
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What a year and what a season! Time lapses coming soon!
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Casarão do Jabre muito mais que 5 estrelas ... V Encontro Paraibano de Astrofotografia #astrofotografia #astronomia #paraiba #brasil #science #cosmos #milkway #vialactea #stars #galaxy #canon
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#laotzu . . ♡ SHOP HeatherGallerArt.etsy.com . ♡ art by Heather Galler . ♡ Follow » @heather_galler_art/ .
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