Команда Архангелы (Липецк-ЛГТУ) рада представить вам своего нового спонсора - компанию Virtue Paintball. В Этом сезоне мы будем выступать в масках Virtue VIO и с фидерами- Virtue Spire. Мы благодарны компании Virtue за возможность выступать с лучшим пейнтбольным оборудованием. Весь перечень пейнтбольного оборудования вы сможете найти на официальном сайте компании Virtue Paintball. #virtue #spire #vio #пейнтбол #paintball #virtuepaintball #virtuepb #macdev #bunkerkings #reball
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BUILT TO WIN #BTW – PAINTBALL TIP OF THE WEEK *** CROSSING UP *** Whether you’re down on bodies, piecing together a plan, or trying to hold off a push from the opposing team. Crossing up is going to happen one time or another during your day of play. There are a few tips and tricks that can be used to make crossing up more efficient. -TEAM WORK- 1) Team work is the most crucial element of crossing up. Being able to read your teammates body language and play off of them is ideal. 2) Trust that your teammate is going to stay dedicated to their job, and will feed you crucial information as the game develops. -DISTANCE- 1) The distance between the two bunkers crossing up is a huge factor in the success factor. 2) Bunkers that are closer together with a good spread make communication and teamwork much easier, however the angles are easier to play against for the opposing team. 3) Bunkers that are further apart require you to communicate with the use of body language and potentially hand signals and silent acknowledgments. -TIPS- 1) Close bunker cross ups are extremely effective for bait plays. Having your body positioned to hold the cross but to be able to switch at a second notice to shoot the wire and catch someone wrapping is clutch. 2) Establish hand signals and practice distant bunker communication through holding drills and defense drills to get better with it. 3) Learn to use every inch of your bunker from your tippy toes to sitting on your feet in order to make yourself a hard target to shoot! #BuiltToWin #BTW #Professional #Paintball# TampaBayDamage #Damage #VirtuePB #BasePB #PracticeMakesPerfect #ACED #VirtuePaintballs #EDGE #ZONE @virtuepaintball @tampa_bay_damage @dlxtechnologies @anthraxinstagram @anthraxmachines @first.strike @wickedsportsinc @bnkr_kings @nxlpaintball @GemFOXPhotography Jason FK Edwards #13 Tampa Bay Damage Stores & Fields interested in becoming an authorized Virtue dealer, email me at Teams interested in becoming a sponsored Virtue team, email
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Winner winner chicken dinner. Great way to start off 2018 #paintball #undrprvlgd #virtuepaintball #virtuepb #shockerpaintball #veteranmilitia
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Thanks to #justpaintball for all my goodies , virtue vio mask , virtue vio lens , planet eclipse slide shorts , planet eclipse brawler top , planet eclipse fade top , planet eclipse shaft 5 barrel , planet eclipse elbow pads , exalt barrel maid #planeteclipse #virtuepb
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See I play paintball....sometimes. Big thanks for for coming down from Canada to shoot the 2017 Toys for Tots game. It was nice meeting you. Great game for a great cause. #paintball #dlx #dlxluxe #luxe #virtuepb #virtuepaintball #518 #ttpb
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BUILT TO WIN #BTW – PAINTBALL TIP OF THE WEEK (Off Season Bonus) *** POD PLACEMENT *** If you are not always loading you pack to maximum capacity, then you should consider loading it strategically based on what your position and job is during the point. Placing your loose pods lid up or down is strictly based on preference, but choosing which loops to put pods in shouldn’t be. -IN THIS PHOTO- 1) This photo tells me that I am going to be shooting a lane to the right and will most likely be holding that lane since my two loose pods are on my center and left side. 2) I’ll be able to continue holding my lane one handed and still pull pods to load while shooting. -HOLSTER LOOPS- 1) I always use the side holster loops closest to the main pods, because they are tighter to your body and don’t make a larger profile. 2) Using the loose pod loops between your main pods increase your profile size and are more likely to be shot over a beam while crawling or running off the break. -TIPS- 1) Use all loose loop pods before your main secure pods. The first pods you should empty out should be your loose pods, this will decrease your profile size and decrease the chance of not spilling pods later in the point. 2) Practice pod placement in practices and get into a routine of grabbing from certain loops based on situational play. 3) Wire players should pull loose pods facing the inside of the field when possible. #BuiltToWin #BTW #Professional #Paintball# TampaBayDamage #Damage #VirtuePB #BasePB #PracticeMakesPerfect #ACED #VirtuePaintballs #EDGE #ZONE @virtuepaintball @tampa_bay_damage @dlxtechnologies @anthraxinstagram @anthraxmachines @first.strike @wickedsportsinc @bnkr_kings @nxlpaintball @GemFOXPhotography Jason "FK" Edwards #13 Tampa Bay Damage Stores & Fields interested in becoming an authorized Virtue dealer, email me at Teams interested in becoming a sponsored Virtue team, email
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