So thankful this boy loves baseball as much as his mama ❤️🇺🇸 ⚾️ #washingtonnationals
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@Regranned from @gmofreeusa_official - Jayson Werth wears two hats. During baseball season, he wears a Washington Nationals cap. But in 2009, he started an organic farm south of Springfield, IL which has grown to nearly 500 acres. His life as a baseball player is starkly contrasted with his passion for organic farming. In a speech to the Organic Trade Association this year, Werth explained how it started with him and his wife, high school sweetheart Julia, trying to eat healthier. They eliminated gluten and dairy, started eating organic produce and grass-fed meat, and hired a chef to fix his meals on the road. Organic farms are a homerun for us! READ: #JaysonWerth #WashingtonNationals #baseball #OrganicFarm #organic #agriculture #food #gmofreecanada #gmofreeusa
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RIP to this mans ankles😭💨 Thoughts? • • • • • • • CR: Unknown (DM or tag for creds/removal)
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HAPPY FRIDAY friends 👌🏼👊🏼😍I couldn't be more ready for the weekend! After working late last night I was on the struggle bus this morning. Coffee was a must for this teacher today ☕️🙈 I'm ready to make it a great day! Ps check out our coloring board, it is almost complete!! Wondering what I should put up there for the next quarter! Open to suggestions thanks :)
3 hours ago On this episode ... CP and yours truly try to understand whether or not they are living in the same reality via the Mandela Effect. After lamenting another early Nats postseason exit, they also discuss self-improvement in many forms, including the difficulties in quitting smoking and kegel excercises. Lucid dreaming, the Last Jedi trailer are discussed and much more. So, clench your butt cheeks and hide your carrots, cuz it's time to get bitter and truthy ... #The #Bitter #Truth #Cast #podcast #smoking #quitsmoking #mandelaeffect #luciddream #thebittertruth #friday #fridayfun #washingtonnationals
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i love a boy
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Дорогие друзья и подписчики! ‼️Очень важная информация для тех, кого интересует тема Green Card Лотереи. Больше недели сайт не работал и по техническим неполадкам все анкеты, заполненные до 18 октября были аннулированы. С 18 октября по 22 ноября стартовал новый период подачи анкет. Поэтому все кто ещё не подавал - у Вас есть время, а те, кто уже подал - Вам нужно сделать это повторно. Дисквалифицированы Вы не будете. Если я Вам была полезна ставьте ❤️😉 📣Все вопросы по заполнению и моим услугам в Директ📲
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Also this. Around the same time on 2014. It's cool how clean lineart and hatching can be, but my hand gets tired faster with pens than with a brush. Anyway, there might be another Bryce Harper drawing in the future if I could fit it in. I used ballpoint on the reds and it turned out really well I think. . #bryceharper #washingtonnationals #baseball #mlb #fineliner #throwback #drawing #artph #ballpoint #baseballplayer #baseballfan #memorialdaytournament #notinktober #inkdrawing #traditionalart
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(Link in bio) #LemonAndTheFro - Episode #3: Elimination Games And The MVPs Who Love Them (Guests: Gary Wolfe & @wvstrey3) Hot off their scintillating appearance on Fantasy Football Bosses, @lemon44 and I invite @wvstrey3 and Gary Wolfe on our show to not only be the first guests on Lemon & The Fro but to also complete the first crossover in the history of the Hyphen Podcast Group. We start off with some MLB playoffs, as Lane’s Cubs faced off against the Nationals in Game 5 of the NLDS that night. The Cubs pulled through but that didn’t stop me from putting the Nats in the World Series. We spend a few minutes talking about the USMNT’s failure to make the World Cup before recapping our Super Bowl picks at the quarter mark of the 2017 NFL season. Finally, our NBA preview quickly devolves into teams we’ll enjoy watching throughout the year as we almost all agree that the Warriors will repeat as champions. Lane and Anthony are all in on Believeland while Gary and I just don’t see the Larry O’Brien trophy leaving the Bay Area. Lane once again proves he’s built for this; Anthony and Gary hold their own, and I just fill in the spaces when they aren’t talking. #podcast #garywolfe #mlbplayoffs #chicagocubs #washingtonnationals #houstonastros #clevelandindians #newyorkyankees #losangelesdodgers #nlds #alds #alcs #nlcs #usmnt #soccer #worldcup #nba #goldenstatewarriors #clevelandcavaliers #lebronjames #stephcurry #newyorkgiants #pittsburghsteelers #clevelandbrowns #oaklandraiders #carolinapanthers #nfl #hyphenpodcastgroup @thebhyphen
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