Happy #SecondBirthday #YoungKing...daddy n mommy loves you ❤️❤️❤️ @lady.simplicity @sexiilegz_02_13 @charmer_stacy @jamaican.jawn_ @curtis.huf P.S. and Uncle and Aunties lol
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Told em move different n silent!They a never figure u out.We always working #youngking#Jr #trusttheprocess #investinyourself #lockedin🔐 #Whynotnow (commin soon)#staywoke #Staytune #B4L#Wewontlose @jst_bein_b
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I got tired of hearing JOB JOB JOB in my family and the people around me. Times have changed and I knew I didnt wanna follow the masses and be like everyone around me. I had a choice to make; To be a Leader or a follower. To be a Job creator or a Job seaker, to create a new path or to follow on the path many before me have taken. Deep down I knew God had something bigger planned for me and this decision was a stepping stone to that something bigger. It made me realize that I'm a leader and I will change the narative not just in my family but in society as a whole. "For i Know the plans i have for you, plans that will give you a great future and a great purpose." [GOD] #LivingOnPurpose #ItsChoiceTime #ALeadersChoice #BusinessOwner #NotAFollower #GodsPlan #ImpactectingGenerations #JobCreator #WolfMindset #ChosenByGod #YoungKing #HappyFriday #YoungEntreprenuer
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It’s called hard work for a reason. Just Do It. ✔️
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My young king 👑 #youngking
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What a night to remember. I shed a tear as I remembered him struggling to find his identity on the field,remembering coaches over looking him because of his size, him at one point not wanting to play the sport the he’d been playing since he was 5yr. To now watch him since he found his home with the @hamiltontigersfootball is a real tear jerker for me. So many doubted him,but he never gave up. He made the decision to be a #hamiltontigers and he made the right one. Proud of the young student athlete he’s becoming, even prouder of the son he is. I love you with all my heart @lulcedddd #youngking #secfl #herehestands #5alive #fbu #metromaryland
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Had to start rocking this early!! Only a few rappers can get me excited for a rap ablum!! #jcole #KOD #Wakanda #youngking @j.cole
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