The darkness is alive, it eats up everything it touches and leaves nothing behind. I should run away, but I can't. Its drawing me in. Before I know it, It's grabbed me by my leg. I can't escape. it's pulling me further and further down. I start to fight but I slowly loose all hope. I'm surrounded by the infinity of darkness, but I don't care . I'm lost. What's the point, there is no escape. As I get pulled further, it gets cold. Is it possible for the dark to get darker? The blackness is lonely. I see no one, I feel nothing. I want to die.
2 minutes ago
Alohaa.. 💚 This is my last post about studygram things.. i want to start a new one in new account. There's many reason why i move on to another secret account :) hope you understand 😊😘 Wish u can find me on instagram : Thank you 😊 #aesthetictumblr #flower #dryflower #windowstuff #diy#leaf#studygram
4 minutes ago
Eating a Matcha flavored is like eating a leaf😑. Taste good tho. #vsco #vscocam #vscogood #vscohub #vscofilter #vscofeed #vscocommunity #minimal #green #aesthetic #aesthetictumblr
6 minutes ago
i want to go back to sleep
9 minutes ago
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