OMG my parents are too funny! Thanks for the Al Franken signed book! #GagGift #AwkwardTiming #AlFranken
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#CapitolHill is on pins and needles amid a deluge of sexual harassment allegations. According to the Daily Caller‘s Luke Rosiak, one of the leading journalists investigating the Awan brothers’ scandal, things are about to take yet another dark turn. Several hours later, Rosiak revealed Rep. Gregory Meeks ‘brokered a settlement in 2006 over allegations that the lawmaker fired a staffer in retaliation for reporting that she was sexually assaulted at a business tied to a campaign contributor.’ Rosiak reported: Andrea Payne, then a congressional aide in Meeks’ Queens office, filed a complaint with the Office of Compliance, and Meeks fired her weeks later. He admitted that the cause of her termination did not have to do with the quality of Payne’s work. “This is an action to recover for damages sustained by plaintiff when Representative Meeks violated her Constitutional rights by retaliating against her, and ultimately terminating her employment, because of her sexual assault lawsuit,” Payne’s attorneys wrote. Andrea Payne claimed she was sexually assaulted by the physical therapist working at Flowers Physical Therapy. Payne alleged the physical therapist tried to insert one of his fingers into her vagina even though according to her medical records her injuries were no where near her groin. Rep. John Conyers’ lawyer Arnold E. Reed also hinted the damn may be about to break when it comes to future allegations. “If people were required to resign over allegations, a lot of people would be out of work in this country including many members of the House, Senate and even the president,” Reed wrote prior to Conyers’ resignation. As one Senate staffer admitted to the Daily Caller, “Things have gotten dark around here,” in light of the Franken allegations. “Everyone is walking on eggshells, asking who’s next?” #congress #taxationistheft #everyoneknew #alfranken #biggovernment
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Apparently @mtzm2017 only cares about getting rid of predators when their vote doesn't coincide with her political views #politics #donaldtrump #alfranken #america
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After watching Trading Places ..I noticed something..unusual..Al Franken and Gaten Matarazzo share a striking resemblance..and then seeing Tom Davis..(baggage handler 2) resemblance to Joe Keery (Steve) ..I wonder where time and the universe split..and Dustin seems alot less creepier than Franken..either all of that..or the #dufferbrothers had watched trading places and Incorporated the resemblance into the show as an homage..'s uncanny..#strangerthings #tradingplaces #alfranken #joekeery #gatenmatarazzo #trump #multiverse #twistingtime #zapped #scottbaio #1983 #stankfinger #reality #docbrown #delorean #weedstocking #thirdeye #backtothefuture #spacesquid #ryanreynolds #twous #twoyutes #adolescence #demagorgon #continuum #neildegrassetyson #senatoralfranken #flirtingisntsexualabuse
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Gillibrand a 'serious as a heart attack' contender for 2020 (Pt 1) . #Washington pundits have been breathlessly obsessing over the #Democrats' lack of a national leader ever since #ElectionDay last year. Time for them to take a break. Not only is it irrelevant to 2018, #Alabama # Virginia have proven that there's enough anti-Trump sentiment to elevate good candidates with strong local messages, but we started to get a glimpse this week of a candidate with potential #2020 #pedigree. . Not only did #NewYork Sen. #KirstenGillibrand have the guts to lead her party on drawing a line in the sand over Sen. #AlFranken's sexual misconduct, she followed that up by going toe-to-toe with #DonaldTrump Tuesday and getting the better of him. Last I checked, Gillibrand had more than 126,000 #retweets of her charge that #Trump had brought "shame" to the #OvalOffice, while Trump had gotten only 20,000 retweets of his suggestion that the “Lightweight” senator would “do anything” in pursuit of fundraising. . #Gillibrand replied, "You cannot silence me or the millions of women who have gotten off the sidelines to speak out.” . Gillibrand's taken a lot of heat over the past month for saying that #BillClinton should have resigned over his affair with #MonicaLewinsky and even for leading the charge on the ouster of Franken, a senator who's banked a lot of good will with #progressives. But whatever you might think of either of those positions, Gillibrand is boldly placing herself in the middle of a #politicalmoment despite the difficulty of doing so. She's leading, not following. . As #MSNBC political strategist #SteveSchmidt observed, "Being the nominee of your party requires a certain level of toughness or ruthlessness, and Kirsten Gillibrand has showed it this month ... she's a serious as a heart attack candidate for the #Democratic #nomination in #2020." . (Go to Pt 2)
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Pic from the Atlanta snow day #prettypresley
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